3 Hot CRM Integrations to Accelerate Your Sales Process


How many times have you been in a situation where you have misplaced a business card, forgotten to send an important email, or think that you may have been in touch with a sales prospect less often than you though. Due to this an invaluable prospect may just slip out of your fingers.

In today’s competitive world you do not have any room for error. When you invest in a good Sales CRM, you will be able to stop any leaking of leads that you may have from within your the business thus accelerating your sales processes.

CRM software is at the core of all sales technologies. This system allows the user to store the contact information of the customers and prospects, their accounts, sales and leads along with any sales opportunity and it does all this in one central location. A CRM usually uses a cloud for storage, and thus all the information can be found and accessed from anywhere and at any time.

Here are three hot CRM integrations that can help you accelerate your sales strategy.

Marketing automation software

This is a kind of kingpin of the CMR technology. Along with storing essential leads and sales opportunities a marketing automation software can allow the company to automate all basic tasks and workflows that would otherwise have taken a lot of time for your ages to do. This automation helps you minimize processes like data entry which will then improve the efficiency of the entire system. When choosing the best marketing automation systems, you need to look for a platform that will give you the perfect combination of services such as email marketing, social media, SEO analytics, and full automation. These features help you generate more leads, sales, and traffic to your website.

You no longer need to be a big business to use marketing automation software. These systems are now being built for businesses of any shape and size. You can now do more with a smaller team.

CRM enabled telephone systems

Imagine if you could automatically log all calls as an activity in your CRM and at the same time match an incoming caller to your contacts. Thanks to software that allow the synching of telephone systems you can do just that. This phone system can be fit into any sales process that uses common CRMs to anchor their process.

This kind of sales platform can help you empower your employees and give them the ability to have positive interactions with the customers. You can give them a visual presentation of all the relevant data they may need about any customer or prospect right on their screen. When they know who they are talking to they will be able to steer the conversation into an area that assures they get a positive outcome.

Tools for social selling

With the rise of social media, it is social selling that has the ability to drive more results. Social selling creates 45% more opportunities that then results in the efficient generation of leads. It was also found that almost 51% of those who focus on social selling are able to achieve their quota and they are also 80% more productive. Social media can effectively put an end to cold calling.

Social sites have been growing in popularity in the past few years. Linked in is considered to be the primary platform for social selling but this depends on your business. Along with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and other social sites have shown that they too are effective tools for social selling.

LinkedIn offers you a “Sales Navigator” option that helps you amp up your social selling and be a pro. At the same time, it also provides a unique social selling index that is the first of its kind. This Index helps you measure and rank all companies that use LinkedIn for social selling. The index gives you visibility into the companies activities and also allows you to uncover a new opportunity which can set you up as a benchmark for your competition. It is always better to know what your competitors are up to and how you can be one step ahead of them all the time so as to beat them and get more sales for your products and services.

The way a business markets and sells their products and services has seen a fundamental change in the past decade. The rise of the internet and other smart technology integrations has made it vital for businesses always to stay competitive and ensure that they start off with the right foot every time they go to work. Sales technologies have given companies the power to shorten their sales cycles and strengthen their relationship building efforts. Along with this CRM software a company can automate any repetitive task or a process that was otherwise time-consuming and clear up your agents’ schedule so that they have more time for selling. This system even helps you streamline your entire sales process from head to toe. If you have not yet invested in a good CRM software, it is time that you look into the various options available and find the best one to match the needs of your business.