5 Social Media Mistakes That You Should Avoid

5 Social Media Mistakes That You Should Avoid
5 Social Media Mistakes That You Should Avoid

No matter, what type of business are you doing? Social Media Sharing will always remain one of the top strategies in your bucket list. Social Media (if used properly) has a huge potential for creating a successful brand and business. But, if it is not being used properly, then Social Media  Mistakes can bring huge damage to your brand and business.

I know you are wondering, how simple sharing of the content on various Social Media networks can actually damage your brand or business?  To get this solution, please read the below article.

Social Media Mistakes

Every coin has two sides. One the Positive and Second the Negative. Similarly, the Social Media strategy has two sides. If used properly then it will work like charm but if not used properly then you need to pay for it.

Below we have shared top 5 mistakes that you should avoid while on Social Media Networks.

Social Media Networks

The first mistake that every beginner made online is creating an account on almost all Social Media Networks. There are more than hundreds of social media networks available online. Instead of focusing on one or two social media networks, if you start focusing on all hundred social media network then you will create a problem for you. You will not get enough resource to manage all social media networks. Hence, it is always advisable to focus on a few social media first rather than focusing on all.

For example, if your brand or business is related to professional service then twitter and LinkedIn is the best social media networks whereas if your business is related to artistic service then Instagram and Pinterest will be the best networks.

So, initially select those networks which will work best for you. Do not concentrate on all social media networks together.

Posting Too Frequently

Yes, it is true. If you want to increase your social media reach then post more than one time in the day. But this does not mean you will keep posting too frequently on social site. If you post too frequently on the social media sites then it will make your followers irritated and frustrated.

Remember, posting too much is not a good idea. Instead, use the automated platform to schedule your content on various social media networks. These automated tools will solve your problem permanently.

Using Irrelevant #Hashtags

The mistake you are making while sharing content on social media networks is using irrelevant hashtags in your content. Remember, if your content has nothing to do with your hashtag then please do not use it in your content. For any content, one or two hashtag is enough.

Using too much hashtag does not mean you will good exposure. Yes, the hashtag is used for getting more exposure but it will not work with irrelevant content. Remember, Content is king. No matter what strategies you use, if your content is not good then no strategies will work on it.

Not Optimizing Your Social Media Profile

On social media networks, you can tweak almost everything. Starting from uploading a Profile photo to adding the description, you can fully control your social media profile.

If your profile is not optimized properly then it will not give you enough exposure. To increase your social reach it is very important to optimize your social media profile.

Hence, like your blog and website, it is very important to optimize your social media profile.

Not Using Best Social Media Network

Yes, you heard it correctly. If you have not selected the proper social media network then it will give your desired result. For example, for fashion related business, Pinterest will work best but for professional services like Income Tax, Accountant, GST etc., it will not work.

 Similarly, if you are providing any professional service than LinkedIn will work best for you whereas for any entertainment related business Facebook will work best.

Thus, the type of social media network is also important for making optimum utilization of Social Media strategy.


Hence, forgetting the optimum result for your social media strategies, it is very important that you avoid above-mentioned mistakes.  If you take care of the above mistakes then it will definitely increase your social reach and gives you a positive result.

Treat your social Medias followers in the same way in which you consider your visitors on your blog or website. Consider your Social Media networks as if it is your blog or site. If you take care of the above mistakes and do proper SEO for sharing content on social media networks then it will definitely show an improvement on your social reach.

At last, if you face any problem in understanding the above mistakes then feel free to contact us. We will be happier to help you in understanding it.