5 Things You Must Stop Doing If You Want To Be Successful

Nothing in life comes easy. You need perseverance and persistence for success. But equally important is giving up certain habits and taking up new challenges.

A relationship that’s not working, a job that’s leading you nowhere or an unhealthy habit that’s weakening you, you need to know when to stop. Stopping a particular habit and quitting is sometimes more difficult than perseverance, but it has to be done.

Knowing when to quit is a skill. You tend to hold on to a particular thing simply because you don’t know when to leave and have grown comfortable with the status quo. If you feel you are stuck in one place with no progress in any direction for a long time, you need to let go. Life gives you many opportunities to do so. It is up to you to decide the moment and quit. You can give up some practices easily while some might take time.

1. Stop Making The Same Mistake Again And Again

stop making mistake
Experience is a hard taskmaster. It teaches you many lessons, but most of them are learned the hard way, by making mistakes. Try building your insight after each mistake. You simply cannot commit the same mistake again and expect a great result. You have to think rationally and work out a new way. Change your approach, however hard that may be, and you can change your life.

2. Stop Having An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Your body is your home – maintain it well and it will serve you well. You need only three things for good health

a. Good sleep
b.Healthy diet

In simple words, stop leading a sedentary lifestyle and stop giving excuses. Start taking steps to build a healthy body.

3. Stop Saying “Yes”

When you say yes to one thing, you are saying no to some other, and probably more important, thing. Learning to say no is an important skill that you need to learn so that you are not stuck up in mundane tasks when you can be doing something productive, something that you want.

4. Stop Doubting Yourself

Self-doubt is debilitating. It grows on your mind like cancer and simply does not let you grow. Confidence, on the other hand, pushes you up. All successful people display confidence. Stop doubting your abilities and start believing in yourself. Fake it in the beginning, if you wish. Your fake confidence will soon turn into true confidence, once you realize your full potential.

5. Stop Procrastinating

Work is hard. Learning a new skill is hard. But putting it off till tomorrow is not the best way to face these challenges. Each new day brings a new obstacle, a new challenge. You cannot keep putting them off forever. Take the challenges head-on and tackle them. You will be surprised at how much you actually achieve once you put your mind to it.

Many things come in the way of our growth in life. Low confidence, low self-esteem, laziness are all obstacles that stand in our way. But you can still achieve your full potential and become really successful. You just need to stop doing things that affect your abilities and start adopting habits you can benefit from.

Any other things you think people should quit doing? Share your thoughts in the comments. Help us learn from your experiences too!

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