6 Tips For Buying Beauty Products Online

Beauty Products Online

Buying makeup can be a drag, and you’re bound to go overboard and spend too much, especially when you’re at Sephora, and the workers there keep on showing you new products and smooth talk you into buying them! What’s a girl got to do when you keep complimenting the new Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter kit?

This is why many girls have opted for online shopping. Several authentic websites deal in original beauty products from around the world. You name it, and they have it! You just have to select what you want, and it will be delivered to your doorstep in no time. If you’re sick of spending your whole paycheck on makeup and want to try shopping online, here are the main things that you need to know and should be doing:

1. Always Watch swatches!

Before buying a lipstick set or eye-shadow palette, be sure you know how the colors and shades look in real! Packaging and product photos may be deceiving because they are often edited and look different in person. There are multiple videos of swatches, that too on different skin tones, available on YouTube, so check out what they would look like and only then place an order.

2. Always look at the Reviews and Comments on the website.

Since you’re purchasing online, you need to be 100% sure that you aren’t being scammed into paying for the original palette, yet end up receiving a duplicate. Always check the reviews of the product you’re interested in, in the comments section and see what other people’s experiences were like. If they’re positive and are satisfied with the quality, go for it!

3. Wait out for the Sales!

The best part of online shopping is the sales! There are always some promotions going on, be it an entire promotional package, or a discount on all the products. You HAVE to keep an eye out for when these sales are, so you can save some cash and still have your makeup on fleek!

4. Check out what the MUAs are Saying!

There are thousands of MUAs worldwide, sharing their experiences on different brands of makeup. They explain if a certain product is up to the mark or not, and show you the physical result as well, in their tutorials or photos. This can really help make up your mind on whether that product is for you or not. So find an MUA that suits your style and follow her advice!

5. Beware of paid Posts and Reviews!

Tons of MUAs and bloggers are often paid to say a certain thing about a product. They compliment it, even if it isn’t as good as it should be. So you need to follow people who give honest reviews, also if it’s paid or a collaboration. You need to get an honest review before you make up your mind.

6. Purchase from Bigger Sites!

Always try and purchase makeup products from the well-known and trustworthy fashion website. This is because they have direct deals with makeup brands and sell the products at prices that are fixed at the brand. Smaller sites purchase these products on their own and resell them to you at a higher price to make their own profit. So purchasing from more valuable websites will save you the money!

All in all, you should really try out your luck with online shopping and see where it takes you. The chances are that you’ll never go back to the mall for makeup again! You get great bargains on makeup and save your gas money too, win-win, right?