Add Personal Touch To The Living Space With Personalized Cushions

There were times that the only thing in the house which could be given the tag of being personalized was the photo frames hanging on the wall with family member pictures but today it is all about personalizing, even the coffee mugs are personalized with personal photos and if you enter somebody’s living room you may witness some amazing cushion covers for women as well. These types of cushions are the most common personalized gifts given today to people of all ages. These cushions can be gifted to the kids as well as to the loved one or a couple.

These personalized cushions give an extra special personal touch to space. Cushions are considered non-living friends which often experience most of the human feelings and always a soft and cozy touch. These pillows or cushions express softness and being there types of feelings and personalizing them with loved one’s pictures just raise the entire emotional levels to another high.

There are many physical shops providing these facilities as well as this can be done online. The online customization gives more opportunity and variety to choose from offering some innovative ideas along. Some sites even offer chats to help their customers get the right customization. There are certain things that need to be taken care of when buying personalised cushions online. Few of them are:

1.Cushion’s quality
Never compromise on the quality of the cushion as this is equal to compromising on the quality of the personal touch. If the fabric is not right the photo may not come the way it should and all of this might end up in a disaster rather than a pleasant surprise. Fill your cushion with proper duck feathers or polyester pads.

2.Cushion size
The size of the cushion should be selected keeping in mind the living space and little utility as well. You may want to order the biggest size possible out of your feelings but later if the cushion does not find itself a place and lies on the floor as you cannot hang it either, you will feel bad of personalizing something which has no appropriate place in your living room.

3.Photo size
Like the cushion size, the photo size also needs to have opted carefully. An edge to edge photo fix with faces on it might ruin the final look of the photo as well as the cushion. The photo size should be selected smartly and appropriately as to the photo is clear and understood and one does not have to fix angles to watch on for what is printed.

The colours should be deep and permanent. If you compromised with the quality here, you will soon make the personal photo no less than a cartoon’s photo. Make sure that cushion’s colour and design is colour fast and wear-resistant. Keep them washable but making it sure that the quality does not get spoiled.

5.Borders and enhancements
Some borders around the photo would add grace and enhance the photo as well but don’t pick a border which suppresses the photo and border is the first thing that is noticed rather than the main personal element. Pick some suitable photo effects like vintage or montage.

Pick some plump cushions and personalize them with your pumpkins and sweetie-pies.


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