Aluminum Fences: What You Need To Know?

black aluminum fence

When you talk about aluminum fences, they are best known for their versatility and durability and also for low-maintenance need. It’s why homeowners and commercial building managers prefer it. If you are in the new market to buy the best fencing and aluminum is on your list then you can make the best use of this guide:

Which Grade Is It?

Residential grade aluminum fences are durable and secure, but they are light enough to be versatile. Many styles, colors and decorative options are available.  One of the best things about the aluminum fences is that they can be installed easily. These fences are very practical for various residential uses like the enclosure of the yard, and they can also be used to keep the pets from straying outside. But if you need a black aluminum fence for commercial purposes, it is heavy duty and is designed to provide the maximum quality and security. The commercial grade aluminum is quite a bit heavy which is bulky than its residential counterpart.  It can stand up to both intruders and the worst climate that may be there. You can employ these fences around the pools, high-traffic area and other places where the security is high.


Can They Be Customized?

Aluminum fences can be customized easily. You don’t have to compromise and select the plain and boring grey color. You can choose the desired color which can match to your existing exterior colors. No matter which aesthetic you want to go for, you can achieve it effortlessly. You can use powder-coating to protect whichever aesthetic that you decide on. It will help the color last longer, but when you use powder coating, it can help in preventing damage to the aluminum fence.

What about the Maintenance?

The aluminum fences are well-known for being low on maintenance. You should take care to ensure that you are getting the best performance from the fence. If you regularly clean your fences then chances are less that it will be get damaged. You can make use of the pressure washer to clean the fence as well. If you find that there are grime and build-up, then you can use warm water and baking soda to create a powerful mixture and then clean the fences with it. Other than cleaning you can protect the fence from the environment with the help of powder coating.

Which Other Factors Do You Need To Keep In Mind?

When you are out to buy aluminum fences, they should be made from high-strength, so they do not catch rust and are durable as well. Furthermore, they should be scratch and fade resistant to make sure that the color remains true. You should not need anything more than simple spray to maintain it and make sure that it looks good.

Color – the Black aluminum fence is the most common. However, if you are looking for any other color, then you should look at the various options which are there.

Design – You can choose the right design to make sure that your pets are safe. You can also choose to add staggered pickets to the bottom of any fence style for puppy protection.

Installation on Slope – It is a critical advantage which is there with the aluminum fences. Packability is the property of the aluminum fence with the help of which they can be easily installed on the hilly slopes. You can get this option at no extra charge.

Height – Before you are buying a fence, you need to know that there are strict safety regulations when it comes to pool fences. For instance, the pool fences are required to be at least four feet tall when there are two horizontal rails on it. Then these fences need to be four and a half feet tall for a fence which has 3-horizontal rails.

Latch Quality – The latch is a component which is often forgotten.  But without a latch, your fence will not be able to play its role. Having the right latching mechanism is an absolute must. The self-closing gates with auto-latching are the best. These latches don’t leave room for mistake.

Robustness – You should decide to go with a fence which suits the tastes and the requirements. The fence should resist bending, breaking or wrapping. It should withstand the effect of unusually harsh weather conditions. It is of great importance when you are living in an area if you live in coastal areas which need extra protection from the sun and. You can do well with residential aluminum for fencing the backyard. However, if you want to fence your restaurant or community pool, commercial grade aluminum is the best.

In the End

Whether you are buying a black aluminum fence for backyard or restaurant, keep these things in mind, and you will have the best fence for every need.