Top 5 Free Android Launchers Which Will Used In 2019

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Top 5 Free Android Launchers

Android launchers become smarter and faster over a year. The superiority of Android on another smartphone operating systems is very impressive.

Even another operating system is giving Android system to their user. Android launcher plays an important role in the Android operating system.

Android smartphone can’t work without the launcher. The launcher includes a catalog of all apps and home screen in your smartphone.

There are many types of third-party launchers available at the app store and google play which can replace your default launcher.

But what is the reason that you are replacing your android launcher? And the answer is that these launchers are offering many features and fulfilling the needs of their customers.

If you need iPhone launcher then you can easily download it from the ilauncher app which is free. If you want some different launchers then you don’t have to take effort and search from the app store.

We take effort and make a list of 7 free android launchers which fulfill your need and demand.

1. Nova

It is one of the best and smartest launchers in the android market and it is efficient, light and fast. Nova is a very smooth and fast pitcher and I am using it for over two years.

free nova android launcher

One important thing is that in the play store icons pack is available to change the look. It also supports notification badges, numbers of gestures, dock customizations, and much more things.

In Nova, a special feature is given in which an option is given which display the used app at a top line of application folder, drawer and icon customizations.

It also supports the application of shortcut which is in the Android Nougat. It also unlocks lots of new features which is very useful for you.

2. Evie

It is one of the good launchers and it is created for good performance. Evie is one of the fastest and smart android launchers compare to all another launcher.

Many of the people are using Evie and they are very happy. One important and special feature in Evie is that it’s universal search function enable to search application from one place.

It has a number of the home screen for making customization and shortcut. And you can also customize your applications drawer and folder grid.

You can easily download Evie launcher from play store and it also supports icon pack. One limitation of Evie is that you can not get many gestures in the application. But Evie is a lightweight launcher that gives you simplicity and speed.

3. Buzz

Buzz is one of the best personifications of the launcher in android. In Buzz, A different feature is given which is called home pack buzz.

Home pack buzz is a home screen personalization service through which many users can share and download 7 lakh home screen.

Buzz has a homogeneous application which locks device and clears the RAM. And from which you can’t need to download the extra application for it.

In the Buzz numbers of gestures is available from which you can easily access many shortcuts on the home screen.

In Buzz, some additional and unique feature is there that is called Screen Effects that is similar to live wallpaper. This effect does not replace your wallpaper, it overlays the wallpaper with the help of the animation effect.

4. Apex

Apex is a stunning launcher in which numbers of icon packs and themes are there. And you can easily download this launcher from the play store.

It is a lightweight launcher which can optimize for a smartphone. In Apex you can easily hide the applications in the drawer of apps which you don’t need.

With the help of Apex, you can easily add 8 customizable home screen. Apex sorts all the apps in the application drawer on the basis of date of installation and title.

It is one of the fastest launchers and its pro version unlocks many features, gesture, and strong application drawer customizations. It also helps people to do their work in a simple way and also decreases their stress.

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5. ADW Launcher 2

ADW is the fast, stable and very simple and easy to use and it provides lots of customizable options. This launcher fulfills the need of users and they feel comfortable after using ADW.

It supports one unique and different function which can change the colour of the interface as per wallpaper.

Many useful features are given in this launcher such as shortcuts, icon badges, transition animations and application indexing.