Do You Know What Women Think When Out for Shopping?

Women apparel shopping in India

Shopping can elevate any woman’s mood and a shopping treat is one of the ways to fix a bad day. Shopping lightens up your mood if you are also thinking as to what women think while shopping, these insights can actually help you understand a women’s brain. Find amazing tricks here!

I can Surely Fit in this Dress

Most of the women are conscious about their body weights and inches. When they look at a particular dress, they just want to fit in that dress and wonder if the size is apt for them or not. This actually happens when women have weight in particular body areas.

Foundation Stains Suck

Before picking up while collars, they really think if they can carry on with the whites but what about the foundation stains? Light shades are more prone to make-up stains. Yes, they really think of it! One of the thoughts that women have when they are planning to shop!

The sale is a reason to Shop

If there is a sale, they can pick a small size too, as women feel it will give them fitness goals. The sale is a reason for weight loss motivation! Obviously, a right decision to spend less and get more. Though others purely pick up right away!

Dry Clean only can be a Rejection

Is the dress is Dry Clean only, women are not willing to catch on the product. Who would love to take on the Dry Cleaning schedules? Hand wash and machine wash is an option for the lazy bees, nobody prefers to run back and forth to the dry clean shop.

My Dress is now on Sale

Women always fear if their now purchased dress would be on sale next week. If the sale is approaching, women prefer to pick it a little later. Women apparel shopping in India works almost the similar way! Sale Picks are the best picks!

Why the Trial Room is Busy?

Why is she trying each and every dress in one go, can’t she see I am here? These are thoughts when a lady is short of time and the other lady is trying dresses. LOL, these are really genuine! Trial room queues are super mood spoiling!

It’s too cold

I don’t want to take off my pants and shoes to try this one, it’s too cold. It has the same size so let me take this without any other thought. It will fit in, most lazy women pick pants like this! Winters are not really a shopping time!

The dress is not worth waiting!

Women tend to pick up so many pieces together to trial and then they feel is this one really worth trying and spending time in long queues. It is possible that they will drop the unworthy ones mid-way and choose something else to go ahead.

Let’s try a small size

There are possibilities that women pick up small sizes to see if there are any result from the Keto-diet. Once they can’t fit in, they get back to their size section and pick up something fresh. The Diet is not working, I definitely have to tell my trainer about this!

What Lingerie would go with this dress?

If I pick up this dress, do I have suitable inner wears for this one? Or do I need to pick up a new pair right away? This is what makes women decked-up all the time, and look prettier because they know well what to shop!

Picking up a Crop Top

Well, do I need to go out for waxing to wear this? Is it that short, or I can carry it casually? Well, let me just try this and then only I will decide which one to pick up! Or shall I simply drop the idea of wearing a crop top?

Price Tag finalizes the Decision

This one, yes, this one will look good on me. After Checking the price tag, no, not really my type. Yes, less pricing makes life and shopping easy! I can take this once my salary is credited or shall I give hints to my partner that I need something like this for my birthday?

Favorite Color Pick

This is my favorite color and this will definitely look good at me. No, the other one is looking better. Now, I will pick up the other one now, forget the favorite color!

Will wear Red this Christmas

Tried plenty of red dresses, isn’t this red is too bright on me? Let me search for a little sober one, ending up at black. Of course, I can wear black, who is going to stop me?

Well, now the women psyche is sorted, you can easily understand the women shopping needs!