Discover the Dramatic Beaches on Algarve Holidays

Since the Roman Era, the Algarve region on the Iberian Peninsula is the prominent center. The Lagos city was the capital of Portugal, during the age of discovery. During Portugal’s age of discovery, the entire region played a pivotal role in trade. But, the earthquake has changed the landscape in medieval times. Later, Lisbon claimed the title of the capital city. Now, in modern times it is the popular holiday hotspot. Some around seven million people visited Algarve in the year 2019. You can estimate people’s larger interest in magical landscapes and attractions. The dramatic beaches, limestone formations, crystal clear waters, and pleasant weather, makes the magnificent Ocean a playground for thrill-seekers. Let us explore some of the dramatic beaches on the Algarve Holidays.

Best Beaches – Algarve Holidays

Ponta da Piedade, Algarve Portugal

Ponta da Piedade

Ponta da Piedade is the incredible beach located towards the west of Lagos town. Soil erosion has created something unusual rock structures along the coast. Some took the shape of sea caves, pinnacles, and arches. The entire region looks absolutely magical for newcomers. People come here to enjoy the most amazing sunset and sunrise views. There are plenty of spots where you can enjoy some gorgeous views. There are a spectacular cove and mountain worth exploring on the coastline. It is the most prominent beach that you should not skip on Algarve Holidays.

Benagil Cave

Benagil Cave

Very few people digest that soil erosion has created such wonderful caves. Benagil cave is the most popular place in the Algarve region. It is best to place to see some sculpture’s work of nature. A boat trip from the beach gives an impressive look at some around 30 caves. Most of them give you a glimpse of some real cave experience. Visiting this landmark sight on your Cheap Holidays to Algarve makes your vacation a memorable experience.

Praia da Marinha

Praia da Marinha

It looks as if nature has put some extra attention or effort to design the landscape of Praia da Marinha beach. It is the most gorgeous beach to discover and rated as the world’s topmost beaches. Towering cliffs, with a stretch of some unusual arches, coves make the area more appealing, unlike other beaches, these are more appealing ones. The entire landscape is a wonderful place to discover on Holidays to Algarve. Either walk along the beach or plan a boat ride, you will lifetime experience here.

Praia dos Tres Castelos

Praia dos Tres Castelos

Get some otherworldly experience in the gorgeous beach of Praia dos Tres Castelos. It is one of the best beaches to discover, the towering cliffs facing the ocean is quite impressive. Walk along the beaches to immerse in the beauty of nature. You look very small in front of such gigantic towers. While planning an All Inclusive Holidays to Algarve, do not miss including this beach.

Praia da Albandeira

The lesser-known beach boasts stunning rock formation along the coast. The small cove gives you otherworldly experience for pleasure seekers. There is an arch-like formation close to the sea waters, from the top you can jump into the waters of the glorious sea. Relax under the glorious Mediterranean Sun with Algarve Holidays.

Apart from dramatic beaches, there are plenty of interesting places of historical prominence in the Algarve region.


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