Hairstyle Ideas For Ghagra Choli That Will Steal Hearts At Parties

When life is going great, look good. When life isn’t that great, look better! Looking fabulous is an art everybody should master. As it is our appearance that talks before, we start talking. We all know that we can afford to look a little casual with western wears, it does not make much of a deal; but when it comes to ethnic wear, like Ghagra Choli we must deck ourselves up in an elegant manner to match the elegance of the attire.

It was said traditionally that, ‘the beauty of a woman is her hair’. Well, days have passed, but we still cannot disagree wholly with the idea. A well-styled hair can make a substantial difference in your appearance, it has the capability to make or mar a look.

Dear ladies, if you are someone who wears Ghagra Choli on a daily basis, because you consider this attire an inseparable part of your culture, or someone who is planning to wear it any time soon for an occasion, we have some beautiful hairstyle ideas for you. You can choose these hairstyles to look amazingly beautiful.

Puff and Drop

This hairdo is extremely classy and easy to style. To create this diva look, part your hair from the middle and go a two-inch length, braid little locks of hair on both sides and secure them with bobby pins below the crown of your head. Create a mild puff at the crown and make soft curls on the falling locks, to look like a beautiful dame who has just come out from the world of  the Arabian Knights!

Wavy one-sided style

There is something sensual and glamorous about open locks. To dazzle in this hair-do, just add soft curls to your hair and sweep them all to one side. You can add a bobby pin or two at the back of your crown to make it look neat. This style will add resplendence to your visage and make you look effortlessly beautiful.

Divine Half loose hair-do

Walk with queen-like grace and let your style speak for you. Tie half your locks into a bouffant and let loose the remaining locks. Let others look at you in awe as you exhibit a peerless grace and sophistication while walking by.

Flower Embellished Side Braid

Braids are very common and go-to hairstyles for many women across the world. However, you can tweak this style a bit, make a mild puff in the front and gather your mane to one side. You can then simply braid your tresses and embellish it with flower, and you are ready to flaunt your locks that would make others go green.

Playful Side Pony

Ethnicity is not all about looking serious. You can look chic and playful too. To make this simple hairstyle, you have to just take a few strands on the side of the crown and create a ‘twirl & back-pulled’ style. Gather your hair on one side and tie it with a band. It is a simple and pretty style that showcases your personality in all its vibrancy.

Gorgeous high pony

When you want to arrest attention and look fantastical, this can be your go-to style. Add some beautiful soft curls to your hair, divide your locks into two parts at the back of your head. Gently take the upper layer and put it into a perfect high-pony that has an edgy dimension to it. Let the other half loosely fall over the shoulders. This simple yet dynamic look is for divas who are an apologetically fabulous!

Magnificent Open Tresses

Flowy open hair is everybody’s weakness. This style is for belles who have voluminous tresses of long hair, that is capable of stealing hearts. Fashion your hair with some tight curls, part it from the middle and add a maangtika to it for embellishment, and you are ready to kill it with style. This hairstyle is a mass favourite for its elegance. It is a compelling style that can make men go weak on their knees.

Ethnic Bun

A classic bun is timeless. It has been the favourite of all women over the ages, irrespective of age. To make this classy style, do a thorough back brush, tease half of it to add volume and secure them below the crown of the head using pins. Now take all your tresses and tie them in an elegant low bun. To look the best in this style, you can add a garland around it and add a few accessories at appropriate places. No matter what the occasion is, look classy, look you.

Hair is a woman’s asset. It is something that adds a soft touch of femininity to your countenance. When it is time to dress up for a ceremony, selecting a suitable and stylish hairstyle is imperative to looking attractive.



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