Here’s How You Can Keep Your Beautiful White Granite Countertops


White is one of the classiest colors and is always used as the base color in most of the rooms. However, many people try to avoid it thinking that it will get dirty quickly or it is difficult to maintain anything in white. That is not the case every time because there are some white accessories and places that are easy to clean.

White granite countertops are always loved by the people who have a special liking for white color. If you are one of those, before you get one installed in your kitchen, you should know how you should take its care and keep it clean.

Here are your points to remember for it: –

  • You need to ensure that they are properly sealed and non-porous in nature before they are installed. Also, the sealing should be applied on the surface at regular intervals. This will make sure that the surface is always smooth and you can clean it easily.
  • Use a mixture of baking soda and water for the removal of stains. This is effective in removing the food stains and also the spots that are left after water stays on the surface for a long time. You need to leave the mixture on the surface for a long time, and it will absorb all the stubborn stains from the surface.
  • For regular cleaning, a mild soap mixed with warm water will be perfect for cleaning white granite worktops. You can use it with a cloth or a sponge and wipe your worktop after use. However, you should not leave the surface wet for a long time and wipe it with a dry cloth. This will prevent the formation of water stains that are quite difficult to remove every day.

granite countertops

  • If you feel that the surface is losing its shine due to excessive heat and pressure being exerted on it in the kitchen, you can take the help of granite polish. It will bring back the shine and glow of the worktop and will make your kitchen look better. Today you can also choose the granite countertops colors because many colors are available in the market such as white, grey, etc.
  • For regular cleaning, it is not necessary that you buy a special soap. You just have to take care of the surface properly and avoid letting the curry or food spill stay on the surface for a long time. The more you care for the surface, the easier will it be for you to maintain it in the longer run.
  • Do not think of using excessively harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, etc. This will deteriorate the natural texture of granite and will start making it weaker. Also, the beautiful material will start losing its gloss and might start losing its white color in the form of uneven patches.
  • Try to bring it some necessary kitchen tools into your daily routine. These include a chopping board, a coaster and so on. They protect the surface from excessive heat or scratches and will make it look good for a long time.

Thus, a granite worktop is not too difficult to maintain. You can get it for your kitchen as well.