How to Build a Video Production Strategy for Your Business

video production strategy

The videos are conquering the web, nowadays it is the preferred content of the Internet users of Mexico and the world, whether you are a business owner or responsible for the communication of a brand product or service, making the video for your business can be an Effective marketing strategy to present your proposals to the world.

For a long time now a single video is not enough for a business, given the amount of digital content that exists today, if your videos are not well focused according to a clear strategy based on the shopping day of your customers is very likely that your competition ends up taking away your participation.

How to Start Making a Video for your Business.

Working with multiple companies and organizations we have often heard that when it comes to making videos as part of a general strategy, it is difficult to know where to start, this is why we have written this article which will give you some suggestions that will help you structure your video marketing efforts.

To begin in the world of video for your business, you should consider it as an important part of your general marketing strategy which should be linked to business objectives. The objectives must be clear, measurable, and achievable and you must define what types of videos are what will help you to fulfill them.

The Video for your Business Should be well Focused.

So if the key is to link your videos to the objectives of your business, how can we define the type of video to be used according to these objectives?

To achieve a good video for your business you should think about the process of buying your customers, what are the questions that you always ask during the journey until you achieve the sale, this is the basic principle of your sales funnel. These are the faces that your potential customers go through, it is where you present them with different types of videos that will push them to complete the cycle and achieve the sale in the end.

Phase 1 – Awareness or realize.

Goals: Education, inspiration and brand positioning.

It is the first phase of the purchase process, it is the moment in which your potential client realizes that he has a need.

Types of videos: With opinion leaders in the industry, branded content, educational, explanatory, advertising, entertainment.

Phase 2 – Research

Goals: Establish trust, generation of sales opportunities.

As soon as your potential client realizes that he has that need to buy, an investigation begins to find out what alternatives are currently available in the market.

Types of videos: Overview of the business, product, case studies, events and webinars, culture, success stories.

Phase 3 – Decision

Goals: Generate conversions, give direction, encourage emotional commitment

Now your potential client is already clear about the market offer and has made his selection of alternatives that meet his personal needs and tastes.

Types of videos: How to do it, best practices, product announcements, induction.

Phase 4 – Action

This is the last phase in the purchase process, this is where your potential client is already clear and will take action to buy your product or service.

Types of videos: Opinions, unpacking, promotional, induction, how it is done.

Turn your Strategy into Video for your Business.

Now, how do you create those videos? you do not need much experience to create your own videos, on the internet you can find a lot of content that can help you decide which equipment to buy, how to work with lighting, photography and different formats, now the video is available to everyone and there is no justification for not making video for your business.

From another approach, if you can collaborate with an experienced professional event video production company in Dubai, it will be a good decision, remember that the quality of the videos you have online will be a direct reflection of the quality of your business product or service for your potential clients, so you will have to see and hear impeccably and this will be easier with the help of professionals.