How to Find a Perfect Venue for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

The first thing that pops to your mind when planning for your kid’s birthday party is – “where to organize the event?” Choosing the right venue becomes important when it’s your child’s first birthday or when he/she is willing to call out all their school friends. In the latter case, their friend’s parents will also accompany them so everything has to be top-notch.

Kid's birthday party

Here are some essential things that you need to consider when picking the appropriate birthday party venue:

1. How far is it?

You must ensure that the birthday party venue is not far from your town or locality. It’s a kids’ party so it has to be somewhere nearby. In case, your guests are arriving from outstation, you need to consider a place known to them. Also, arrange for transportation to guests coming from another city. You also have to keep in mind the traffic situation of the area where you finalize the venue.

2. How much accommodation does it have?

Just don’t pick a venue by simply looking at its wonderful interior. You need to make sure that it has enough space to accommodate all your guests. Avenue that accommodates 150 people won’t be suitable for a crowd of 200 or more. The venue also should have multiple restrooms, as well as parking facilities, for your guests’ convenience.

3. Do they offer a catering service?

Many venues offer services for birthday party catering Melbourne. However, you need to be sure whether they provide catering service or not. If they do, you can talk to them about the menu or customize your menu as per the kids’ liking.

If a venue doesn’t offer a catering service or you don’t like their food, consider looking for other catering companies in Melbourne for the best possible arrangement. Besides keeping the menu according to children’s liking, also ask the catering team to prepare a custom cake for your child. A good catering service even makes sure that all the decorations and table-top arrangements are on point.

4. Do they provide a party planner?

Most party venues nowadays are offering a good party planner to reduce your stress and manage things on their own. They are professionals in the field and also give you amazing ideas for the perfect birthday party. Once the theme is decided, they begin executing everything as per the selected theme. From decoration to themed food, everything will be managed by them professionally.

5. How do they handle entertainment?

A successful kids’ birthday party has some entertainment factor. So, don’t forget to include some fun activities for all your guests. For outdoor parties, you may consider adventurous ideas like bouncy castles, treasure hunt, musical chairs, etc. On the other hand, for an indoor party, you can involve indoor games that involve all age groups.

6. How much is the venue’s cost?

The cost of a venue is the major factor that you need to consider when booking it. If you have a limited budget, there is no need to plan for something extravagant. Choose the venue that is affordable and can handle all arrangements as per your requirements and prescribed budget.

7. What is the venue’s ambiance?

The ambiance of a venue is also important when organizing a birthday party. For a spring or summer birthday party, an outdoor venue is more suitable for an evening party. If the birthday party is in winter, indoor venue arrangement will be more comfortable, as you don’t want your guests to shiver in cold. But if your child’s birthday is during warm and pleasant fall months, you can also organize an afternoon party on a good sunny day.

8. Is the Venue Available?

You cannot just assume that if you have talked to the manager about the venue, it is reserved for you already. You need to make a proper booking and ensure that the venue is available on the exact day of your kid’s birthday. Reserving the venue in advance is certainly a good idea to grab the best venue for a birthday party or any other event.


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