How to Hire a Personal Virtual Assistant

virtual personal assistant
virtual personal assistant

Virtual Personal Assistant – Benefits and Hiring

Traditional businesses have multiple tasks to handle at-a-time. They must maintain the business and must also co-operate with growth in personal life. Conducting all these activities might seem overwhelming to any person. Hence, hiring a virtual personal assistant is an affordable answer to get the most of it.

Virtual Assistants take on a number of odd jobs. The personal virtual assistant can help you with any type of household chores. They run all your errands where you can simply relax and rest assured of the day.

Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant:

  • They get tasks done quicker.
  • They are knowledgeable and possess experience on wide-area of activities.
  • They free up your time to focus on enhancing productivity.
  • They reduce stress and help you earn money.
  • VA’s are already experts in the arena, so you don’t need to train them again.

How to hire a Personal Virtual Assistant:

Reach candidates that are ideal for your company. Virtual Assistants are open to newer opportunities and are accessible anywhere. Match your role to relevant candidates based on expertise, industry, skills, interest and much more.

  • Find a task that you want to delegate to someone else. It might include anything.
  • Set out your preferences and what you expect from a VA. Have clear directions on how you want things to be performed.
  • Determine how much time you want your virtual assistant to work for you. This step also lets you budget the cost accordingly.
  • Find a competent and trust-worthy virtual assistant, either through your referrals or through the assistance service providers.
  • Start your relationship for a short probationary period and commit to a set period of time, later on.

Virtual Personal Assistant help:

  • Manage your Calendar – They schedule meetings for you, set up appointment slots and call attendees to confirm the attendance.
  • Respond calls and emails on your behalf – Personal Assistants save time by cleaning up your inbox and responding to calls on a regular basis. They act as the gatekeeper before emails hit you directly. They handle all the calls before you are ready to take them up. They ensure not to miss any potential client, thereby schedule your appointment accordingly.
  • Deliver a bouquet or greeting card to your doorstep
  • Contact for the baby sitter, plumber or anyone who has to work for your home.
  • Make reservations for the dinner – They help to make reservations for your fine dining with your loved ones.
  • Book travel plans and itinerary – They can check for the itinerary that best suits you so you can enjoy your travel experience thoroughly.


Virtual Personal assistant possesses the professional background and hence ensure everything runs smoothly. Leverage your time by successfully outsourcing your personal tasks. As you gain confidence, you can, later on, offer more hours to a VA and invest more time in a day.