How to Make your Home Smart with Alexa

How to Make your Home Smart with Alexa
Alexa is a voice assistant that came to control your home gadgets smartly

As you all know that Amazon Alexa is one of the trending virtual assistance developed by Amazon. Alexa skills used in Amazon Echo devices which are Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot, Echo Show, Echo Look, and other Echo devices. Alexa enables you to check weather updates, order products from Amazon, change room’s lights, play music on multiple devices, and many more things which you can do with Alexa.  With these features, Alexa plays a vital role in setting up a simple home to Smart Home.

Now a day, there are hundreds of smart home gadgets launched in the market. In order to operate these smart devices, you need to download an app for that specific device.  While when you placed two or more devices in your house then you would have to install an app for each one. But once you connect all the smart home devices with Alexa, it can be accessed with your voice. You just have to pair each and every Alexa-enabled device with an Amazon Alexa App. In order to use them, you need to enable the particular skills using Alexa App.

Alexa for echo devices

How to Setup Alexa as the Centre of your Smart Home

In a way to pair other smart home devices with Alexa, you need to follow simple steps. To do so, at the very first you need to Download Alexa App on your mobile, computer or pc. Next is to enable the required skills for each device you want a pair with such that, Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Show and many more.  For the time begin, lets’ think your home is having smart lights, and smart TV then you need to enable the Alexa Skills for each of the devices in order to make them work. This can be done with one single “Enable Skills” button in Alexa App.

Once the skills get enables, then next is to pair the smart gadgets with Echo dot or other echo devices at your home with a single Alexa command which is “Pair Devices”. Then Alexa will find and connect your smart lights, smart TV, thermostat and other smart gadgets easily.

As if you have planning to make your home as a smart home then here we are going to show you which devices are Alexa-enabled or compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Control Smart Home Lights

When it comes to smart lights, you all need to enable skills and let the Alexa know where your device is located. Once you enable the skills to say “Alexa, discover devices”. Now you may search for the smart lights that are compatible with Alexa. So, the Philips’ Hue light is the one which has been used mostly with Alexa. To make Philips Hue works with Alexa, enable the Philips Hue Alexa Skill in Alexa App. When the skill gets enabled, you can ON and OFF the lights, set brightness, and activate scene settings using Philips Hue Alexa Commands.

If you are owning other smart lights like Kuna Powered Security lights, Vivint, Wink or any other. In that case, you may use Alexa to control the Kuna lights by saying the light name mentioned in the App. A command which you can use “Alexa, turn on my backyard lights”, “Alexa, turn on your porch lights” or “Alexa, dim the lights of the living room.”

Lock your Front Door

In a way to lock your front door, you can use August Smart Lock with Alexa.  To make this work you need to enable August Smart Lock Alexa Skills. Once the skill is enabled ask, “Alexa, is the front door is locked?” You can also be used to lock the door if you are inside your home for this you can use the command “Alexa, lock the front door”.

Have power over your Thermostat with Alexa

When you feel comfortable on your couch and realize that it’s a little bit going warmer. Then Alexa will help you here to take control over Thermostat with just your voice rather than get up and turn down the thermostat. Alexa integration with Thermostat lets you control the temperature in your room whenever you want. As the Alexa work with many thermostats such as Honeywell, Sensi, and Carrier but most popular is Nest Thermostat.

To make the Nest Thermostat work with Alexa you all need to do is enable the Nest Alexa Skill and ask her to control, manage and make changes according to your commands. Sometimes you make get confused about the temperature at your home then Alexa is also having an answer to this, Ask “Alexa, What the Temperature is”.

Control Devices Connected to Wemo Outlet

To make your home smarter there is another amazing smart home gadget that is Belkin’s Wemo Switches. You can control the ON and OFF function of every device connected to this smart plug switch. You can try this functionality with any fan, electric heater or any other gadgets that may fit this smart plug. To make them work you need to enable the Wemo Alexa Skill and ask Alexa to search for your devices.

Use Logitech’s Harmony Hub with Alexa

Use Logitech Harmony Hub to control your home theatre with Alexa App. Logitech Harmony introduces various devices like Logitech Harmony Elite, Harmony Companion and Harmony Hub. When these devices paired with Alexa, let’s you do anything from turning your TV ON. With this, you can also Play Netflix or any other specific streaming channels or videos. To make these works better enable “Logitech’s Harmony Hub Skills”. If you are a game lover then don’t worry Alexa has also control on a gaming system. A popular Gaming system that works with Alexa is “Microsoft’s Xbox One”.

As Amazon Alexa Integration is increasing day by day and Alexa skills with that.  Making Alexa as a central hub of your smart home, lets you do the things smartly and easily in less time.