Smartly Measure Your Instagram Marketing Success with These Analytics Tools

Instagram Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing on prominent platforms such as Instagram, expecting high engagement rates with enhanced brand visibility and exposure is the standard. However, everything is determined by the ultimate ROI or return on investment that makes marketing on Instagram more competitive than ever.

Evaluating your social media revenue can help you in allocating budgets to the area that can do wonders for your overall marketing campaign and improving your ROI as a result.

Measuring your Instagram marketing campaign is necessary for further growth in your online business. With that being said, here are some of the analytics tools that can help you in understanding the metrics effectively:

Instagram Insights

Instagram is currently the most sought-after social media channel for hardcore brand marketing and that too for a very good reason. The platform allows you to access business account that provides you with built-in insights. This integrated metrics tool enables you to retrieve the basic data regarding your posts, conversions, and overall profile views.

Apart from that, Instagram Stories is yet another great source of information that confers details about website clicks, reach, and so on along with an in-depth knowledge of your audience including their geography, demography, gender, and hobbies and many more.

Simply Measured

Even though Simply Measured is a free tool by nature, the features incorporated in it are pretty much meticulous. The tool renders crucial information regarding engagement along with three reporting areas.

Apart from learning a great deal about your post engagements, Simply Measured also offers a scorecard that rates your performance on the visual-only platform for any chosen time period.


Earlier known as Statigram, Iconosquare is the oldest and the most common marketing analytics tool available in the market. The tool is decked with follower growth charts and puts the spotlight on your images that have received the highest number of likes. Iconosquare also helps in calculating your aggregate likes and comments.

The best part of using this tool for measuring your success is that you can leverage this tool for cross-channel engagement as well.


As per, 42 percent of people utilize social media to complain about no interaction or response from online brands. Squarelovin can help you with that as it proffers you with various filters that affect your post’s performance.

The main unique selling point of the tool is the “worst time to post” stat that ensures obtaining higher engagement every time you publish content on Instagram.


InstaFollow is yet another must-have analytics tool for your marketing campaign as it helps in managing your followers effectively. The tool aids you in tracking new followers that can drive real Instagram likes along with those who have unfollowed your brand profile recently.

For added convenience, the tool even tells you about the profiles that do not follow you in return.


If you are looking for weekly reports regarding your performance on Instagram, Pixlee is the ideal analytics tool for you. It also offers critical day-to-day data, highlighting your follower growth and hashtag popularity and so on.


Finally, these are some of the effective analytics tools that you can use to measure your overall performance and success on Instagram. Learning about your metrics and making the required changes will help you in standing out in the competition.