Metal Core Printed Circuit Board Fabricators

Metal Core PCB

MCPCBs or otherwise known as a metal core printed circuit boards are basically thermal management boards made from a base metal core utilized to scatter heat through the elements of the board, efficiently lessening the central temperature of high heat applications. They are utilized when traditional fan-cooling methods are not enough for cooling the whole system.

Metal Core PCB

Majorly found in the applications of LED, a metal core printed circuited boards can have a central part of the aluminum core PCB or copper core PCB or a blend of specific alloys. Out of the three, the most common is the aluminum one.

MCPCBs transfer heats up to 10 times swifter as compared to FR4 boards. Metalcore printed circuit boards disperse and cut out heat, maintaining heat producing elements cooler that leads to enhanced performance and durability of the applications.

Today, you can easily find a lot of expert MCPCB Manufacturer in the market who can fulfill your custom needs and requirements.

LED Applications

You should know that general LED application, where metal based boards are found, are general lighting applications; automotive LED applications, street safeguarding applications such as street lights, etc. backlight unit applications, used in power converters such as telecom, industrial, etc. photovoltaic applications, and more.

The LED applications produce heavy amounts of heat. By the metal core’s nonconductive polymer layer with great thermal conductivity, the general thermal resistance of the application is lower.

Seeing that solar energy trappings turn out to be more and more essential in day to day applications, for instance, electric cars as well as solar panel roofs, the heat captured within them augmented. Similarly, with highly developed motion control applications, heavy amounts of processing and friction are produced to make the dynamics of the movement of the sophisticated technology robots.

In regular computer applications, these days, Light emitting diodes and light emitting lights are frequently utilized. The light & heat produced by these LEDs has augmented the main temperature of applications remarkably, creating the requirement for the thermal management critically essential.

Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards


Metal Core PCB is mainly present in LED applications and similarly in LED-large computer hardware components.

Metalcore printed circuit boards are still produced utilizing usual surface mount technology assembly equipment. MCPCBs are typically many layered boards. They can moreover be made on a flex board or on a stiff flex board for hard space places or made to order sized applications, for instance, mobile phones and tablets.


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