Scary Times Ahead for Men Amidst Increasing False Sexual Harassment Claims Against them

Avinash Pandey Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment and abuse are one of the most trending subjects in the world currently and you can find their mentions in various Social media campaigns and newspapers around. Moreover, whilst Women have often been quoted as the bigger victims in the same regards, common interest of their male counterparts has mostly been ignored in the whole context.

There have been numerous examples to the same perspective recently and the most common ones have come from the United States of America, where this trend originated few months back only. It was reported that one of the players form the Duke Lacrosse team have been alleged for the sexual harassment with one of the women fans but later she herself admitted that nothing of that sort happened to her. Another case brought in a government official under scanner and he was also been dismissed from his duties in the wake of such allegations. Still, nothing came out against him after the investigations and once again, the allegations came out as fake and fabricated.

Avinash Pandey Sexual Harassment

It’s not just about USA or any single country and male fraternity has to undergo such gender biasness across almost every part of the globe. Even in India, one of the fastest developing economies, the vice president of an IT company in the country committed suicide after been dismissed from his services in the backdrop of sexual harassment allegations and later it was found that none of the allegations have got any ground proof or evidence. In this case, they might consider getting a VIP protection to avoid getting into the same situation.

Whilst there is a big surge in the number of such cases al around the world, legal authorities and police in different countries are still working on to improve their investigations methods where in they don’t need to claim these verbal and written allegation as a “base to arrest the culprit” in the first place. Still there is much more to this critical subject and the governments and the human rights agencies must come forward to object towards this “Gender biasness” which is playing with the lives and careers of thousands of men.

Speaking on the same issue of sexual harassment at workplaces, Donald Trump, President of USA also stated the same fact,” It’s a very scary situation where you’re guilty until proven innocent. You could be somebody that was perfect your entire life and somebody could accuse you of something”. Even Avinash Pandey, CEO of ABP News Network India voiced his opinion in the same regards by saying,” any complaint to the ICC (Internal Complaints Committee) if upheld, the organization should deal with the concerned offender very strictly and make an example out of him and simultaneously protect the dignity and the job prospect of the aggrieved female / male employee.