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Top 8 Advantages of PHP Framework in Web Development

PHP frameworks are the most widely used incubators for web development. They have a logical approach to facilitate the development of web-based applications by providing a framework architecture and making it available for the other developers to use for their projects. Depending on the experience and creativity of the coder, they use either just plain PHP or make use of their frameworks. Should you really use a PHP framework? Take a look at these advantages of PHP framework for better comprehension.

Easy Maintenance

A PHP framework can help you write code and eliminate repetition of code. The code is relatively easier to understand, read, use, develop and maintain. Most of the PHP frameworks are object-oriented and come with automated testing. The PHP frameworks function on the MVC (Model View Controller) and impart an easy characteristic for the maintenance. It differentiates the data-manipulating logic from the bits that are responsible for the display. This means that it’s easier to change the template without affecting the other areas.

Rapid Development

This is one of the biggest advantages of PHP framework. Every project is on a timeline, especially at a time when startups are experimenting with innovative platform-based businesses. Using a PHP framework can facilitate the development process in much lesser time and with minimum obstacles. You save a lot of time in planning the architecture of the web application and rather start working on a fully functional foundation of templates. You can start building the specific features of your web application. With features like CRUDE, developers can focus on the creativity rather than the structure.

Secure Work

This is perhaps one of the least known advantages of PHP framework. You can rely on the PHP frameworks as most of them are open source and many coding enthusiasts tests, contribute and update it regularly. Hence, even the security deficits are identified and corrected. Apart from that, you must maintain a secure development practice too.

Strong Teamwork

As a developer, you are bound to have knowledge about the classes and functions of web development. However, this may not be the case with your team members. In a rapid development scenario, complete knowledge of the documentation is needed. Using PHP will facilitate the web development process as it comes packed with well-structured documentation, making life easier for your team members. Whether they are a novice or experienced, documentation can help gain speed with minimum efforts. The documentation contributes to a faster learning curve of the team.

A Strong Community

A PHP framework comes with active communities of members, who are developers contributing to the community continuously. All major PHP frameworks are open source. They contribute to the framework by providing additional widgets, libraries and more. Some contributors write tutorials, make explainer videos or even create ebooks and PDF on the application.

Robust Inbuilt Functions

All PHP frameworks come with a set of robustly built functions to facilitate web development tasks and operations. These are the built-in classes, which are needed to define objects. The frameworks also facilitate the reusability of a code with more code generation features; coding time is greatly reduced. The functions are used for database connections, emails, editing the strings, and handling the complex data. Not just functions, PHP framework also has a debugging mechanism. Inbuilt functions make PHP frameworks ideal for eCommerce website development.

Simplified URL

Most PHP functions use a mod_rewrite function to create a unique, clean and readable URL. The idea of having a clean and accessible URL is that it boosts website SEO. An accessible URL also means that they are easier to remember, easy to link to and also saves file-space on pages that feature a lot of links.

Database and Libraries

A PHP framework provides a number of libraries and tools to the developers. They have specific libraries of their own like form validation, database abstraction, session and cookie handling, email, calendar etc. Developers can also integrate the plugin to facilitate their coding. PHPs have the most widely used databases like MySQL, SQLite, IBM Db2 etc. These databases can be used as per requirement. These database management systems can access and process data quickly.

If your web development project is object-oriented, PHP frameworks are the way to go. Any professional digital marketing company in Gurgaon, Web Development company in Delhi or anywhere else recommends using a PHP framework as it delivers performance. Consecutively, you can choose from a wide variety of PHP frameworks available like CakePHP, Zend PHP framework and more.


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