Top Pool Maintenance Tips You Must Follow


People who are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in their home need to maintain it to keep it refreshing all the times. The swimming pools need maintenance not only during the summer but also before closing them for the winter season. Pools if not maintained properly lead to problems like hazy water, development of algae and malfunctioning of pool equipment.

Pool maintenance requires some time and effort at your end that is worth the usage and enjoyment they offer you in the summer season. This post shares some easy pool maintenance tips that you can start using today to keep your pool sparkling clean.

Clean the edges

The limescale builds up at the water line at the sides of the pool that needs regular cleaning. However, people often overlook the cleaning of edges because it is a labour intensive task. Also, it takes time to clean the edges using a brush, but the longer you postpone it, the tougher it becomes to clean the limescale. You can clean the limescale from the sides using a brush.

Add a flocculant to your pool

If you use the same water in the pool for a long time, the minerals like iron, calcium, and copper can cause brown stains in many areas of the pool. Adding a flocculant can solve the problem as it precipitates all the dirt particles that you can easily remove using a pool vacuum. The flocculants are available in bags, and you need to place the bags in the skimmer basket. The filtration system will spread it in the pool water and cause precipitation that is easy to clean.

Use a Skimmer Net

Leaves and debris usually fall in the pool water and floats on the surface that needs cleaning. A skimmer net comes in handy when it comes to cleaning the surface of a pool. You can use the skimmer net to clean the surface of leaves and debris. Cleaning the floating debris with a skimming net allows other tools to clean the pool water more effectively.

Clean the skimmer basket

The skimmer basket needs regular cleaning as its job is to skim the water surface of the debris before it settles down to the floor of the pool. All the leaves and other debris enters at the surface of your pool. The more active the skimmer, the more it cleans the leaves and debris from the surface. However, you need to clean the skimmer basket from time to time as it may get clogged if not cleaned for a long time.

Clean the hair and lint pot

There are a hair and lint pot on the front of the pump in every pool that needs regular cleaning.  You can clean it once a month or every couple of weeks. It is installed inside the glass of the pool pump. The hair and lint pot catches the hair of the swimmers that gets collected in the container. Cleaning it often keeps the pool water clean as prevents it from clogging.

Check the water level

Pool owners should check the water level every week for the proper working of the pool pump and skimmer basket. The water level should be maintained at the centre level of skimmer or pool tile for best performance and optimal results. If the water level is low, it can damage the pool pump. If the water level is high, it can prevent the skimmer basket to work correctly. Therefore, every pool owner should maintain the proper level of water in their pool.

Check the pool chemistry

To maintain the pool water clean and bacteria free, you need to maintain the chemicals like algaecide, chlorine, and alkalinity of water. Algaecide prevents the buildup of algae on the sides and floor of the pool. The chlorine kills the harmful bacteria and keeps the water free from germs, however, it should be in proper composition. Low levels of chlorine may not fight the germs, and high concentrations may irritate eyes and skin.

Use a sand filter

Using a sand filter helps cleans the pool water by catching the dirt and debris from the water. Moreover, the sand filter requires less maintenance as compared to other filter and traps more dirt particles in 20 to 100 microns range. The sand filters need cleaning once in five years which makes them easy to use and maintain.

Shock Treatment

Shock treatment is required after a pool party or after long use of the pool. Usually, the chlorine levels dip and the water becomes hazy after the parties. The shock treatment adds the required amount to chlorine to bring it to the optimum level and cleans the water.

Final words

The above-given points are the top tips to maintain and clean your pool. In addition to these tips, the pool design owners should maintain the level of chlorine, calcium hardness, and alkalinity of pool water. Following these tips can help every pool owner to keep the water sparkling clean and maintain their pool throughout the season.