Travel Tips for Tourists Planning Holidays to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the city of skyscrapers and dragons. Hong Kong is the city of legendary artists Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Hong Kong’s shophouses are lined with the medley of buns, patties, dim sums and pastries. Its boutiques are filled with an everlasting incense which seems to evaporate from the fragrant harbour. Coastlines, country parks, hills, and a lush dense population is what makes Hong Kong an interesting city to explore and travel. Disneyland makes it a wonderful visit for kids and adults alike. Very often, Hong Kong is visited in the combination of Macau, Bali or Thailand. Hong Kong is the epitome of luxury. Whether it’s the ancient art of feng-shui or palm reading, whether it’s the largest number of Rolls Royce or the state-of-the-art Tsing Ma Bridge; Hong Kong cuddles in luxury. Famous for its dim-sums, ferries and birthday special noodles, Hong Kong is also believed to be a country of intelligent people. However rich it might be, the city doesn’t exclude its visitors and tourists from offering affordable visits, travel, meals and stay. Below mentioned are a few key highlights of the Hong Kong Tour packages we offer at affordable prices, and tailor-made fashion.

Shopping and travel go hand in hand. And so, our Hong Kong Tour packages don’t forget to include your favorite shopping spots in the itineraries. Located in the small town of Kowloon, the Temple Street Night Market is one of the largest night markets in Hong Kong. The Temple Street Night Market comes filled with a lively crowd, rumbling with food stalls and brimming with lots of shopping materials from fashion to technology to households.

  • Take a Hike up Victoria Peak Trails

Victoria Peak is the hot destination of Hong Kong. In its very popular Peak Tram Rail, our Hong Kong Tour package lets you explore the gorgeous mountain tops, the Victoria Harbour, the walkways of Circle Walk and the scenic view of surrounding the South China Sea that also touches Malaysia and Singapore. At the peak, you can explore The Sky Terrace and there are jetties as well.

  • Explore Buddhist Monasteries

Ever wondered that Hong Kong is just about thrill seeking? Well, there’s a dose of religion and spirituality available as well. There’s a long hike up the foot of Po-fook Mountain top. There you’ll encounter the Buddhist style tall pagodas, a spacey temple hall, monks, shrines and thousands of Buddha statues. Apart from visiting these monasteries, don’t forget to travel upside on the balcony of Hong Kong’s very famous, the Big Buddha statue, one of the largest statues of sitting Buddha in the world.

  • Dim Sum Dinners & Drinks

Hong Kong is famous for its uniquely styled dim sums. Indulge in baskets of dumplings, bun patties, pineapple buns, egg toasts, and rice noodle rolls. There’s a huge variety to try and relish for each of your days during the stay. For beverages, you can delve into jasmine tea or milk teas. Also, try out its local craft beer from one of its popular breweries.

  • Explore Hong Kong’s Skyline in a Junk Boat

Junk boats are traditional Chinese boats famous among tourists of all kind from families to solo travelers. Our bespoke Hong Kong Tour packages include these junk boat rides in which you can explore some scenic hilltops, harbour trails among the iconic tower tops. If you visit at night, you can enjoy the Symphony of Lights show.

Choose from our best cheap Hong Kong tour packages and enjoy some of the following highlights.

  • Island Hopping

Along with its Peak Tramrail, Hong Kong boasts of gorgeous islands, hilltops, and country parks. Whether you love to hike, whether you like kayaking or simply want to escape into a getaway in a remote island, Hong Kong offers you all. Our Hong Kong tour packages include various tours and itineraries to explore the islands & nature’s wonders in the city.

  • Shopper’s Paradise

Of course, there is no doubt in the lux richness of the Disney country. But apart from that, the bazaars and boutiques too won’t disappoint you in luring you with the charm of exquisite gems, fabulous Chinese gowns, top-of-the-line gadgetry and much much more! If you’re a shopping lover, Hong Kong is the country for you. While you shell your pockets on your favorite items, save money by availing our cheap Hong Kong Tour packages. 

  • Food & Beverage

Being a Chinese country, Chinese cuisine is a specialty of Hong Kong, but obvious. However, in addition to it, the country also specializes in Japanese, European and Cantonese cuisines. Spicy noodles, buttery buns, sweet pie dumplings, and crispy prawns are but a few varieties you will encounter here. Plus, as you might know, the country is also home to some of the world famous Michelin-starred restaurants as well!

Best Time to Visit

Owing to its humid climate, Hong Kong usually remains steamy in summers. Therefore, the best time to visit Hong Kong is during spring or winters. Even though, summers too are not that bad. The skyscrapers are air conditioned and so are the malls. To know more about the best season to visit Hong Kong, you can inquire from us.

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