Why App Store Optimization Is Important For Your App


The number of mobile apps is rapidly increasing along with the growing number of people using apps. When you search a query out of need on the app stores like Google Play and iTunes, you can find several numbers of apps showing up on the results. The few top results showing up on the top results don’t mean that there are no other better apps on the app store that can suit your needs and expectation. The apps that show up on the result have some keyword elements on their app store that keeps them ranked by the app store algorithm.

Some of the leading App Store Optimization services in India are approached by globally leading eCommerce and app services companies for keeping their app optimized on searches from various target countries. Here are some of the essential app store optimization strategies that these agencies implement for improving the app’s ranking on app store searches.

Choose the right title

You should focus on giving a unique name and title for your app, that would not only improve your app brand by also have a great impact on the keyword-based top aso company. The title for your app has to be incorporated with the relevant keywords that you decided through research and analytics. Several surveys on mobile apps reveal that apps that have a relevant keyword in their title will be ranked on an average 10.3 percent higher than apps that don’t have any. Titles in the app store can be up to 255 characters so that there is more than enough space for you to include an effective keyword. You should ensure that there is not more than two keywords in the title fields as it can affect negatively on your app store ranking. The title needs to be crisp and intriguing enough for ensuring the first and foremost impression of your customer to be positive.

Make a compelling description

Your app description on the app store field has a key role in its app store ranking. This is also an important field where users get to know about the features, benefits, and functions of your app. You have to add some informative and convincing content in order to attract visitors to install your app and easily get converted as a loyal customer. Below are some of the factors you should be focusing on while drafting your app description.

Make an appealing opening –The first three sentences of the description should be more attractive and persuading than the rest of it.

Include relevant keywords – The should be enough relevant keywords in the description. The keywords that your users in the title of the keyword field should be repeated in the description.

Highlight your app’s key offerings – It is important for mentioning the key features, benefits, and applications of your app in a way that allow the customer to easily relate their needs to your app. You have to ensure that you convey customers with reasonable benefits on why they should be installing your app.

Give your app link in the description – By giving your app link in the app description users will be informed about how to use a title attribute on an anchor element in order to provide an added description for the text. The title attribute can be helpful in giving users additional information to clarify the purpose of a link.

Mention the updates – It is necessary that you mention the updates on your app in the description in order to let customers know that your app is up-to-date and is fixed from any bugs and errors. The app update details are something that most of the app users considers being of great importance for your app.

Give a unique app icon

Your app should have a visually appealing icon in order to ensure that your app store is grabbing the attention of a significant number of audience among millions of other apps. You have approached with different image size for designing app icon for both App Store and Google Play.

Include some beautiful screenshots

The screenshots on your app store page have a great impact on influencing the buying decisions of users. You can highlight up to five screenshots some of the attractive functions and features of your app. The first two or three screenshots will be shown up first on the specific field so that it has to of high-resolution quality. This can convince the right customers to browse the other screenshots or further to install the app.