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10 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for An Appraisal

Getting a home appraisal could be tough and make one nervous if the right things have not been put in place already. The job of the appraiser, while a relatively easy one, determines the happiness of the sellers. But sellers themselves have a role to play in making sure a property is fit for the sales process. Your home is not going t become a 5-star building overnight, or suddenly develop new features that will double the current worth but with a few adjustments, you could get the best value possible.

This is why the following tips are important to know in getting your home ready for an appraisal.

  • Understand the sales process: Putting a home up for sale is easy; understanding the whole process, on the other hand, might be tricky. You have to understand that there are other properties out there for sale and many are worth more than yours currently. In other words, there is a kind of competition from sales agents in selling houses so you have to make yours as attractive as possible not just in terms of price, but also make the condition of your property as good as possible. Nobody is going to buy a home they would need to spend so much to renovate. Except of course a wealthy person seeking to throw money around, or your property is some kind of treasure.
  • Do a personal appraisal: Before getting an appraisal, it is good to do one yourself. Take stock of the things you have in your house. Look for damages and try to sort them into the manageable ones and those that need outright attention. If you’re selling just the home without any furniture, take stock and find out for yourself what it is worth.
  • Arrange every official document, receipts, etc.: It is a good idea to have all the documents of your home readily accessible. If you don’t have original copies, try getting affidavits that could replace them. Documents are very important in the sales process. The appraiser would most certainly ask to see them. If you have spent money on remodels, fittings, government permits, etc., be sure to have them ready. Another good idea is to take pictures of before and after the remodeling you did.
  • Remodel your kitchen and bathroom: It is known that the value of a property increases with a remodeling of key features, especially the kitchen and bathroom. If you intend to sell, it is a smart option to find a suitable company to help you upgrade those features.
  • Make those repairs you have been postponing: Repairs and cleanup are a constant part of caring for a property and if you have been postponing some, it is high time you carried them out. Loose boards, broken panes, cracked floors, faded walls, leaky sinks or blocked drains can seriously undervalue your home so it is important you quickly get the fixed.

In addition, improve the appearance of the garden, patio, pool or playground. Arrange flowers, wipe and clear foliage, lichen, clean bulbs and outdoor lights. Don’t forget the creaky gate. Simple oiling would help.

Check that safety equipment like fire alarms, sprinklers, home security alarms, etc. are functional.

  • Don’t look desperate: The job of an appraiser isn’t to find faults with your property (that’s more for the inspector). Once you present the information you have to the appraiser, don’t show too much push but allow them to do their jobs. Don’t even hover around them while they look around except they call for you to explain something.

It is also helpful for you to mention any surrounding building of interest, the environment your home is located, and any other thing you feel could help the value increase. Remember also to ask them for any advice concerning your home. Their perspective could see the value shoot up a bit.

  • The $500 rule: The $500 rule is that any money spent to the tune of $500 on upgrades, beautifying and cleaning a home is sure to improve the value. This rule is not a myth but a fact. Nobody expects you to break the bank to carry out upgrades but you should be ready to spend some money on improving the appearance of your property. Do this and you’re sure of improving the value.

Getting a home appraisal is good but remember that you have to do some things first. When you have them ready, go ahead and call an appraiser to sort things out.

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