Einthusan Alternatives – Top 15 Websites For Streaming Free Movies And TV in 2024

Einthusan Alternatives: Some language movies like Hindi, English, Tamil, and Telugu have fans around the world. The primary sources of entertainment we get are mainly movies and TV series. The internet has been revolutionized nowadays, and a good number of us are either watching or streaming movies or series through online means. There are very many websites through which one can stream; Einthusan is one of them. The website offers free streaming for people to watch Tamil, Telugu movies, and TV shows at absolutely no fee. Movies in Einthusan Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada. Bengali, Malayalam, and Chinese languages can all be streamed through the website. This article will list some Einthusan Alternatives websites for streaming movies and TV series.

What is Einthusan?

Einthusan is an online website that offers a wide range of movies and TV series. The movies found here are available in many different languages, like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, and many more.

How to Einthusan Login

Einthusan, unlike most TV and movie websites, is free to watch. No specific purchase is needed to have access to a premium subscription so as to watch the movies. It has a huge collection of South Asian movies that one can watch anytime and anywhere, provided that your internet is very strong. The only special requirement to watch movies on this website is signing up; once you’re done with that, you can comfortably enjoy an hour of movies.

The Einthusan Application

There has been confusion as to whether there is an Einthusan app or not. To make things clear, there is no application yet for Einthusan on Google Play. The team has not officially released the application, but they might invent one soon or are already in the process. Users are therefore advised not to do random searches or downloads since that might lead to an invasion of their privacy.

Einthusan: Legal or Illegal?

Einthusan has received legal licenses for more than 5,000 Einthusan movies in a very short period of time. This has helped Einthusan win over the copyright and other legal troubles that have been a problem for their growth.

Einthusan through VPN?

At least when forgetting everything about Einthusan, do not forget to watch Einthusan through a VPN. It does not matter whether it is legal or not; the application can be accessed anywhere and anytime through a VPN. All that is needed is a strong VPN connection to your device. Also, the location should be set where the Einthusan is not blocked. With the VPN device, you can watch all movies and TV series free of charge.

Top 15 Einthusan Alternatives Sites For Streaming Movies And TV


YouTube is a common place where videos from all over the world are shared day in and day out. A good amount of data is normally occupied with YouTube. YouTube users can upload, and if that’s not enough, they can even earn through it. There are a variety of genres and libraries through which one can watch the videos. All that is needed is for you to search for the video you want, and many options will show up. 

YouTube is a platform that benefits both viewers and video creators. Android and iOS devices have an application that is available. A website like Einthusan which is a South Indian movie, is among the many free movies that are available on the site.


This has been a great competition for different platforms. It has brought a change in the way we watched movies and TV series a while ago. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. There are different channels present on Hotstar like sports, TV shows, live videos, and many more.

Movies, TV shows, and news can all be watched for free, which is similar to Einthusan. In addition, there is a premium subscription plan where users get to choose from nine language options. Watching movies and series without having to sign in is one of the advantages of using Hotstar.

OnlineMovies Gold

At this site, you can choose whatever content you want to watch. You can select any movies and TV series when they get uploaded. Updates on good content that is qualitative are among what you should expect from the site. HD quality content is also available depending on the user’s preference.

Many languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, and Chinese languages are present in the site. It is a site like Einthusan since it also contains South Asian content.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video is the best alternative of Einthusan It has its developers to be Amazon which as usual gives people a wide array of choices to choose from. To access Amazon Prime, one needs to have an Amazon membership. In addition, Amazon Prime also gives you the advantage of shopping. Tamil and Telugu movies, videos, and TV shows can all be watched on Amazon Prime. 

Be it Hollywood or Bollywood, all movies and the latest TV series are found on Amazon Prime Video with very good content and picture quality. For one to use Amazon Prime, they will have to create an account on Amazon and then get the Prime membership.


This is an amazing option for Einthusan. It is a collection of both new and old movies. A large number of movies are uploaded to the site every week. It has a large number of Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada movies. Besides the movies part, biographies can also be searched and documentaries too. There is also an option where a movie can be searched by keying in the actress’s or actor’s name. 

It provides more than one server option, and therefore, if one finds it challenging to search them, another server can be used for a better experience.


If binge-watching movies that are not in Einthusan Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, or Malayalam is your cup of tea, then this is the right place for you. It is a great choice in comparison to the Einthusan Hindi Movies 2024 list. It provides up to 13 languages in which one can search and do online streaming. However, something that might put you off on this is that there is no ad locker, so you might have a hard time stumbling on all those pop-ups.

This is one place where you can request that they upload any movie of your choice that they have not yet uploaded. The movies are not provided immediately when they are released. Instead, one gets to be patient for around five to seven days before watching the movie.


This is a website that is owned by Sony. This not only provides movies but also TV series. There is a collection of both Hindi and South Indian movies. As long as the collection is available, one can watch the movie at no charge on the website. In comparison with Einthusan TV, there are compiled movies that allow one to browse and enjoy them. This is an online streaming site where people enjoy watching South Indian movies, Hindi movies, and TV series.


it is also another Einthusan Alternatives site, mainly purposely made for Hindi, Indian, and Bollywood movies. English and Hollywood films are also available, but in dubbed mode only. It has a very good movie selection, which is offered for free. One special thing about it is that it comes with movies that have been recently released. If by any chance you are looking for a movie that has recently been released, this is the right website for you at no charge. It is an awesome movie streaming website.


Many would say that it is a website that only offers TV shows. Its prime goal is to deal with a large amount of Indian and Hollywood movies as well. The normal website of this entertainment service provider gives you the opportunity to view very many live TV channels in the Hindi and regional portions. 

One feature that makes it outstanding against those it is competing with is its ability to give a live TV guide that helps the visitors choose from what is playing at the moment and what is going to play the next minute on the TV. It gives one a time frame of seven days to catch up with common TV shows.


This is a video and movie streaming website and downloading website that lets those who visit directly watch or download free HD movies on their personal computers, smartphones, and tablets. Movies and videos that are downloaded from the website can be played on DVD players and Blu-ray players without converting anything. 

This is one of the many sources where one can get Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free in HD quality without paying anything. This is a great option for people of all ages, apart from kids.


Putlocker has its dedication to being Hindi movies and all kinds of movies, be it Punjabi, Bollywood, Telugu, or other types of Indian films. Putlocker is a good streaming and downloading website that has recently started dubbing movies. This is another Einthusan alternatives for you to have double fun and entertainment this coming holiday.

If by any chance you do not get the movie of your choice, you can make a request to the website, and after a short while, they will upload the movie to their website and send its link to your email. In simpler words, you are not going to leave the site unsatisfied since it gives you a lot of stuff for free.


This is another very good alternative OTT platform from Einthusan for downloading long and high-quality movies. It brings different kinds of videos that can be downloaded from the website, like Hollywood and Bollywood movies. There are also a good number of genres like action, drama, adventure, crime, romance, animation, and sci-fi. 

One of the best things that they are currently working on is a part that has other sections like upcoming movies, top 5 movies, trending movies, and new releases, among others. The search option is also available in case you need to search for the name of the video, genre, or any other related content.

Terrarium TV

This deals with all kinds of movies but has its main focus on Bollywood movies and, at some point, dubbed English and Hollywood movies too. Watching and downloading movies is free. However, to view any movie online, you will have to install the DivX player, which is the appropriate plugin that is required for movies to play on this website.

It is the best Einthusan Alternatives option for watching movies for free. Here, movies that are very hard to find on other websites are mostly found.


This is a website that provides services like Einthusan movie streaming, sharing, watching, and downloading for getting news and reviews on the movies. Downloading movies is done for free. It is mainly made for people who truly love movies and want to watch the latest videos without incurring any cost and at very good quality.

No registration or surveys are required. Anytime you log into the website, streaming and watching ML IDs can be done.

Popcorn Time

This is an amazing Einthusan Alternatives platform where movies can be downloaded and streamed. This can also be called a movie search engine, where the name of the movie is typed, or the show you are looking for, and possible links to where your film can be offered for watching in online mode or downloading for later purposes are brought up.

All the contents being offered are provided by third parties, which are affiliates since the servers have no files against them. It only gives movies at no particular cost, and those can be found for free all over the internet. All kinds of types are on the site. Indian, Bollywood, dubbed films, and TV shows can all be found here.

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