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The Legacy of Emily Kame Kngwarreye’s Art

There have been few contemporary Aboriginal artists who have had as much cultural influence as Emily Kame Kngwarreye. Born in 1910 in the Aboriginal nation known as Alhalkere, Emily only began painting when she was aged in her 70s. However,


5 Cities Hosting The Best Holi Celebrations In India

Are you planning your Holi weekend? Why not play Holi away from home and indulge in the time of your life amidst the craziness the festival carries? India is fully prepared to play not only a safe Holi but also


How Can You Motivate Your Employees with Inspirational Quotes

“Happiness is the real sense of fulfillment that comes from hard work.” – Joseph Barbara. You may have a fire burning inside you about your work and company because you indeed love what you do. It motivates you to do


How to Care for Hornworms Before Feeding Them to Your

Hornworms are a perfect feeder for your reptile and amphibian species. These feeder insects are calcium-heavy and fat-low. Also, they have a soft outer shell that makes them simple to feed and digest! It is why a lot of amphibians


Top 5 Accessories For Gun Owners To Try In 2021

Every time you visit a gun expo or an exhibition, the things to check out are not the guns themselves. Rather, gun accessory makers that are creating and coming up with innovative products should be something you should look at. 


4 Steps to Ensure Your Child’s Safety This New Year

The lives of all parents revolve around their kids. Parenthood is bliss, and we do all that is possible to keep our kids safe and healthy. With the Coronavirus pandemic impacting the lives of kids across the nation, they have


Standing Desk: The Perfect Solution to Sedentary Lifestyle

Since the inception of “corporate offices”, sitting has been taking up a lot of time from people’s lives. People come to an office and sit for work. Over the years, this has only advanced. With the advent of television, and


Are BBQ Covers Necessary?

If one of your favourite activities involves grilling up your friends and family a delicious BBQ feast, you’re absolutely not the only one. Those who consider their BBQ their pride and joy have long wondered whether BBQ covers are really