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4 Tasks You Must Do after a Land Purchase

Buying a piece of land is a huge move that leaves many people very excited especially if it is your first purchase. Most buyers will focus on the due diligence process and all the legalities involved with the land transfer and forget about converting their newly purchased piece of land into their own.

Personalizing the land is an important process you should never gloss over. Here are some of the must do things you should pursue after you net that land for sale Geelong deal.

Establish and Secure Boundaries.

If your newly found land isn’t already fenced or doesn’t have natural barriers along the edges, you will have to invest in some boundaries. A boundary is a great way to keep trespassers out.

Even the sketchiest barbed wire fence will send the message. However, if you want more security for anything you store in your property as you prepare to build, you should consider a stronger chain link or concrete block wall.

Clean up the Trash and Rubble.

Many plots of land are full of rubble and garbage from the previous owner or nature. The rubble ranges from demolished concrete structures to shrubs, heaps of soil, scrap metal and pieces of glass. Some of the dirt is visible while other pieces might be buried under the soil or the grass.

Look for a professional contractor who specializes in clearing such pieces of land as they have the right skills and equipment needed to safely get rid of all that trash.

Talk to your New Neighbors.

This step has nothing with finances or building but is equally as important. By introducing yourself to your new neighbours, you stand a chance to build beneficial friendships with people who have been in the area for a while now.

You could easily get some basic assistance as you set up shop hence making your entire settling in process easier. Also, building a good rapport will come in handy when building structures that affect your neighbour, for instance, the fences to establish the boundaries.

Have a Professional Evaluate the Land.

Finally, get a professional to evaluate your land before doing any constructions. A local builder can assess the topography of your new lot taking into account drainage, privacy, and sun direction before advising you on the best way to put the land into good use. If you intend to build immediately, you can get a good evaluation report from your building contractor of choice free of charge.

Setting up your new lot of land for development is a tasking process. You must set aside a budget for this, or you will end up frustrated. Most owners will invest everything in the actual land purchase, leaving little or nothing for these inevitable preparations.

If you want the bare minimum, set up a fence, build at least one simple structure and don’t forget to talk to the neighbours. The rest of the activities can wait if you are on a tight budget and aren’t ready to develop immediately.

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