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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Turkey!

In the past few years, the investment in Turkish properties has increased manifold.  You can find three kinds of buyers in the market here. There are holiday home owners who found the destination of turkey highly attractive and have decided to come here again and again. It is why they have gone for holiday home here. Then some expatriates prefer to settle in turkey as retirees. They are looking for a simple life and want a place which is not very expensive. As the country has warm weather and offers excellent health care so you can find the number of retirees increasing by the day.  Then there are investment buyers who, business owners who purchase the property to rent out to provide holiday accommodation.


Irrespective of your investor type, buying a property in Turkey can be profitable in many ways. The property in turkey is cheaper than EU or the Gulf States, and you can get a lot of value for your money. If you choose to retire here, you can benefit from the lower cost of living. And you are inevitably going to benefit from the slow pace of life.  You will surely like to live a decent life here.  As the economy of Turkey is dependent on tourism, so there is always a way to gain from renting arrangements. Here are some key benefits of having property here:

1-You Get The Value For Your Money

Any property owner in EU will know that buying a home is expensive. Numerous other fees may be levied like the survey fee, cost of hiring lawyers, stamp duty and the cost of the renovations the house or the apartment requires. In Turkey, you get the value for money.  You can find properties that are inexpensive. Readily available properties are luxury apartments, smaller and larger apartments or villas at reasonable prices. Amongst new property for sale in Turkey you can easily find the ones that offer a high level of décors such as marble floor and tiled bathrooms. With the exchange rate into consideration, you can find the best homes that give you value for money. You can get a three or four bedroom apartment for the price of one bedroom apartment in the UK with an advantage of living in a beautiful country.

2-Great Climate

The climate of Turkey is excellent, and you will never have to worry about digging your car out snow.  Forget about a disorder that affects you seasonally as you are most likely to find beautiful sunshine and warmth. You can never find a place of this earth which has the perfect climate.  The rains can be soft, or they can be very hard as well, but for the most of the year, you will be able to find temperatures that are good.

3-Lower Cost of Living

Irrespective of where you are in Turkey, you can easily find places that are cheap. When you compare the price of electricity or gas, council tax, renovations, food, groceries, transport or even petrol, almost everything costs just a fraction of what it costs in EU. It means that everyday costs are far lower than what they are in another country. What it means that not only the property here is inexpensive, you will find that you can afford to live a comfortable life here.

4-A Home for Everyone

Whether you have an expensive lifestyle or you are looking for something well within your budget, you will have many options to suit everyone lifestyle. With so many properties for sale in Turkey, you can easily find a one bedroom apartment or a luxury villa that is equipped with all the amenities. The décor can be simple and minimalist that saves money or you can choose to be extravagant and have all the luxury you want.

5-Ease of Access

Turkey is well connected to different airports so you can easily reach here via flights whenever you want and wherever you want.

In the End

With so many good reasons to buy a home in Turkey should you wait to try a property for sale in Turkey!

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