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5 Steps to Make Your Home More Marketable

When you are putting your house on the market, you want it to go for as high a price as possible. This means putting in some work to making your home as appealing to potential buyers as possible, from upgrading outdated appliances to freshening up the overall aesthetic. Here are five steps to follow to make your home more marketable.

1: Fresh Paint

A fresh lick of paint can make a huge difference to a room. Even if you’ve repainted in the last few years or so, that fresh layer can make the house seem clean and new. Start by having a look around each room: are the wall colors brightening the space optimally? Your goal is to make your house as bright and appealing as possible, so as well as freshening up the paint, maybe consider a new, bright color in a few of the rooms. It can make a world of difference!

 2: Clear Out Personal Clutter

Your personal belongings are what made your house a home, and to you, they make the place shine. To potential buyers, however, they are just clutter. People looking around your home will be thinking about what the house would look like with their items in, and having your personal belongings around the place can obstruct their ideas of that. Find a storage unit like storage units Chicago to put your personal belongings and clutter into, creating more space to make the place shine. There is also the added benefit or making your place look roomier!

3: Hire a Professional Cleaner

As much as you scrub, sweep, and wipe, your house will never be as clean as if you hire a professional house cleaner. You may think you’ve done the best job imaginable, but there are areas that only professionals will notice that can make a huge difference. The cleaners will have better equipment and knowledge for the job, and a clean house is a house that sells well! The investment is worth it.

4: Consider the Lighting

The lighting in your house can really take the atmosphere from average to dazzling. Make sure your rooms have a range of layered lights to create a brighter feel and give the illusion of more space. Natural lighting is another thing to consider; if the windows are dated, consider upgrading them and letting the light flow into each room. Potential buyers won’t want to imagine their future home as a dark and dank space, so the lighting really is one of the most crucial elements to work on.

5: Matching Décor

You may have put in brilliant work over the years to make your home perfect for you. What’s ideal for you is not necessarily the right look for potential buyers, though, so you may want to think about redecorating. A safe option is to choose neutral, light décor that matches throughout the house. Avoid anything too striking or unique – whoever buys the house can add in their own personal aesthetic when they move in!

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