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6 Stylish Decorating Ideas That Don’t Break the Bank

Whether you’re setting up your first apartment, designing your dream home space or redecorating a space you’ve already been in for a while now, there are so many amazing decorating ideas out there that it can be hard to find something both stylish and affordable that hasn’t been done a million times.

If you’re looking for some design inspiration for your home or apartment that will stand out without breaking the bank, this is for you.

1. Quirky Chandeliers

When living in a space, people often don’t take the time to look up when thinking about making a change. That’s a missed opportunity.

Chandeliers in particular can be an amazing centerpiece for a room, drawing the eye immediately to whichever space it is in. While many people may think chandeliers are expensive and made from crystal, neither of those is necessarily true.

There are many ways to DIY chandeliers, including those from crystal, but also in other materials as well. For example, recently, many people have taken to DIYing chandeliers using wooden wheels, tree branches, or shells, which then have vintage bulbs hanging off of, around and in them. For every style, there’s probably a DIY chandelier that would help bring a space to life.

2. Neon Lights

Along the same theme, neon lights are another way to draw the eye in a space, although usually to a statement wall. Neon lights are definitely not DIY but can be very affordable and customizable.

To find your perfect neon sign, think of which font, colors and size you may want in your space. Also, consider your style. For example, some people have place neon “fire” in their fireplaces, inspirational quotes above their office desks or eat or drink signage in their kitchen. Neon lights immediately add fun, quirk and color to a space.

3. Multi-Use Projector

You’re probably wondering what a projector is doing on this list. Well, if you have a projector — for outdoor parties or indoor movie/TV watching, for example — then you probably have a blank wall on which to decorate.

Projectors offer the perfect short-term design solution. Having a Christmas party? Project a roaring fire, complete with crackling embers. Having a Halloween party? What about a slideshow of horror film posters? On an everyday level, choosing aesthetically pleasing art or photos that play on a loop is a great way to add a “picture” to the wall without having to hammer in any actual nails.

4. Hygge Everything

With the rise of Scandi style and hygge minimalism, adopting a few of the basic tenets of the design wave wouldn’t hurt.

At the most essential, hygge is all about comfort — that warm homey feeling of a holiday, only all of the time, every day. So, how can you achieve that feeling?

In terms of home décor, the answer lies in copious amounts of candles, soft lighting, wood, blankets and pillows. Candles and soft lighting help to set the relaxed and warm vibes in an intimate way. Blankets and pillows make everything comfy and inviting. Wood as a design element makes everything cozy, like a cabin. Add some hygge and get comfy at home.

5. Reading Nook

A simple way to add a new “space” to the home without spending a lot of money is by creating a reading nook. The first step is to find a chair which is comfortable to sit and read in. It can be a chair you already own but have decided to move to a new location, or one you find for cheap online or at your local thrift store.

Next are the books.

If you’re a reader and have books for this, great. If not, you can always buy books for next to nothing at thrift stores. Take the books and stack them on bookshelves, end tables or from the floor, behind or around the chair. Add candles, wooden drink coasters, pillows and a nice cozy blanket to combine hygge with your new reading space.

6. Statement Art

An easy and pretty cheap way to switch up the design in a room is to add a piece of statement art. This doesn’t have to be anything glamorous or expensive. For example, finding a big picture frame on Craigslist and printing a photo you like to go inside of it is a great option.

Or, get creative with spray paint. Choose a bold color or a metallic and spray paint the whole frame. Or, leave the frame in its original state and spray paint a piece of cardstock to put in the frame. Splatter it or drip it or do anything you’d like to make the image you desire.

If wall hangings aren’t necessarily your cup of tea, consider spray painting objects which could go on side tables, kitchen tables or desks, or even the floor if big enough. Think vases, jars, porcelain figures — anything you’d find for cheap that would look more amazing under a coat of spray paint. Creating statement art can be as easy as a thrifty look online and a can of spray paint.

Lara Douglas is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home décor ideas. She regularly posts at Neon Signs Depot.

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