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Couch Surfing 101: How to Buy the Perfect Sofa

If you’re in the market for a new couch, you can’t rush into buying it because they don’t come cheap. It would be best if you think about your options. Are you choosing between a Leather sofa, a chaise, or a simple futon to be the star of your living-room ensemble? Never underestimate the power of an excellent couch because it can set the tone of your living area where most guests convene.

Of course, you want to make a good impression. Couch shopping is enjoyable because you’re spoiled for choice. To make the hunt for your next sofa a lot easier, here are some tips to think about before you place your order.

Try It On For Size

You read that, right! Try your prospective couch on for size. If you fit something as cheap as a shirt and tennis shoes, then you must also try the sofa on your list. This furniture is an expensive purchase, so you need to “road test” your choices. Literally sit on the couch in the store to determine if that leather sofa you are eyeing is indeed comfortable. Check if it’s too deep or too hard. A sofa may look cute, but if it is not comfy, then what’s the point? The number one rule before taking any sofa home is to sit on it.

Consider Long-term Use

It is essential to assess your life because somewhere down the road, your needs may change. If you are a newly married couple that’s trying to have a baby, it is best to steer clear of light-colored fabric couches. Once the baby comes, you’ll have to prepare yourself for the mess they make. Think peanut butter smears and spilled grape juice on your sofa. Unless you are set in your life, be sure to pick a couch that doesn’t empty your pockets. If you’re in your dream house, then you can go ahead and splurge on the sofa that will last you a lifetime.

Conduct Thorough Research

It is vital to research your couch options so that you won’t be disappointed down the line. Apart from studying the price and the warranties, check what the couch you are eyeing is filled or stuffed with because it plays a considerable role in the comfort factor. You also need to examine the structure of the sofa if it is sturdy. The last thing you want is a lovely looking couch that can’t accommodate much weight because of its weak legs.

Pick the Material

Most people with families prefer a Leather sofa because it is easy to clean and wipe down in case something spills on it. However, leather doesn’t offer many stylish details, so you may want to opt for a fabric couch that comes in lots of colours, patterns, and textures. In this modern age, there are many fabric protectors that you can buy to keep sticky fingers and nasty spills from messing up your sofa.

Choose the Color Carefully

Most people like to stick to neutral colours that will go with just about any room theme. If you’re into the classic and traditional look, the natural warm shades of brown, taupe, and beige will suit your fancy. You can jazz it up with fluffy pillows, which also provide more comfort. However, if you want an eye-catching couch that can double up as a centerpiece, then you must pick a bold colour like red, or you can choose one with a great pattern.

Bottom Line

Buying a couch is not as simple as most people think. There are many things to consider because this functional piece of furniture will be one of the focal points in your home. Since a couch is an expensive purchase, you must make an informed decision that you won’t regret. This significant piece of furniture is something that you shall see and sit on every day for a long time. You have to make sure that you purchase something that will give you happy vibes. There’s no fun being a couch potato in a hard, uncomfy sofa!

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