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Creative Business Development Strategies for Architects

You may run a large architect’s firm or a small design boutique catering to your neighborhood. No matter which kind of business you own, one thing remains the same- business development is paramount. With competition growing day by day, you need to think of truly creative business development ideas to stay head and shoulders above your peers. Here are a few ways in which you can do just that.

Client relation beyond the project

When you take up a new project, you invest life and soul in making sure you exceed the client’s expectations. This helps you build a good reputation. What also helps is for you to go a step beyond what your project requires you to do and offer advice or inputs that can help the client. For example, if you have designed an office for a client and they are now looking for someone who can install efficient HVAC, you can suggest a reputed name to them, maybe get them a discount, if possible. You do not lose anything by doing so, but you gain the loyalty of the client and a good chance that he will refer you to everyone he knows who needs an architect.

Identify the project you want to do

Rather than waiting passively for the project to drop in your lap, actively scour the market for projects that you would LIKE to do. If you see a potentially exciting project, identify the client and figure out how and where to meet them and pitch a proposal. Create opportunities to get the work you can excel at rather than waiting for it to come to you.

Demonstrate your competence everywhere

Showcase a skill of yours in every single element of your business. For example, make business cards that are unique and that show how creative you can be with shapes/ designs/ colors, maybe even make 3D business cards that will stand out for their unusual appearance. This helps your brand register deeply in the receiver’s mind, and it creates an instant positive impression about your awesome skills as well. You can implement this idea with practically anything, starting from the design of your office, little mementos you hand out, your brochure, your website, and more. 

Let social media become your portfolio

Social media is not just for making connections and networking; it can also be a great place to show the world what you can do. Especially visual platforms like Instagram are amazing tools that you can use to show rather than tell what you are capable of creating. Put up pictures of current, future projects, design ideas, everything that you would want a potential client to know about capabilities. When a client looks for information about you, they will see that you have the skills to back up your claims right then and there.

The importance of risk management

Apart from all of this, you also need to invest attention in risk management so that your business operations are never disrupted. Many business owners try to cut costs by overlooking what is quite a critical insurance for your business- professional liability cover. This kind of insurance is critical because it lets you handle client litigations against you, for errors or negligence in providing service, without fearing the financial impact. BizInsure offers comprehensive professional liability insurance that can absorb the cost of legal proceedings- attorney fees and damages included, so that you can fight to save your reputation without placing an impossible financial burden upon your firm.

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