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Moving to Your First Apartment? 9 Dos and Don’ts to Follow

Moving to your first apartment will feel pretty exciting, as well as terrifying. Relocating to a place far from the home you’re familiar with will usually be filled with uncertainties. However, these are expected emotions that you will experience when you become independent and start to live on your own. 

If you have already found a place to stay, the next thing you’ll have to do will be to make your things move-in ready. To help you out with this, a professional apartment mover lists down the following dos and don’ts you need to consider when moving to a new place. 


1. Understand the apartment layout

Before you start moving in your belongings, you should first examine the apartment layout. A walk-through around the apartment isn’t just crucial for deciding whether or not you like the place; it’s also a key step in the moving process. 

To be fully aware of what you can and can’t bring with you to your apartment, you need to know the complete layout as well as the dimensions of your new place. If possible, revisit your apartment before moving in to take photos and measure windows and any areas you need to fit with décor, furniture, or shelving. 

2. Review the lease

When the time comes for you to sign the lease, make sure you read the fine print well. Ask questions and take notes of anything that doesn’t seem to make sense to you. Pay close attention to policies, especially regarding pets, parking, visitors, and late payments. 

Try not to get too excited about having your own place and be sure to check all that’s written on the lease before signing. This will help prevent any misunderstandings or problems between you and the property owner or building manager down the line. 

3. Stay organized

A lot of things will be happening simultaneously during a move, and you need to be able to keep track of everything. Staying organized is crucial in making your first apartment move a success. The best way to do this is to keep all the information you have about your move in a single place. 

Here are two ways to stay organized:

  • Create a basic spreadsheet that contains the contact information of your landlord, movers, and the inventory of the items you’re going to move
  • Download a moving app that’s convenient for you to use, such as Moved, Moving List, Sortly, etc.

4. Coordinate deliveries

Since this is your first time moving into an apartment, it’s less likely that you already have all the big-ticket items you need. This means you may still have to order things like a bed, couch, or a TV set, and have them all delivered once you move. 

Take note that some landlords may be strict about big deliveries. As much as possible, aim to have everything you need to be delivered during the time you’re moving in. This way, the delivery men can simply bring in the furniture and other big items straight up. 

5. Deep clean before moving in

To have a good start, make sure your new place is spic and span before you start bringing inboxes. If you can, get a cleaning service to help you with the tidying up process so you can move in a flash. Deep clean your entire apartment to get rid of dust that may stick to your belongings once you bring them in. 


1. Don’t delay packing

Not everybody loves the idea of packing. However, delaying it further will only cause unnecessary pressure and stress when you realize you don’t have enough time left to pack. The best way to stay organized while preparing for your big move is to start packing as early as possible. 

Packing a few weeks before your move date will help ensure that don’t accidentally leave important things behind. You can also use the packing period as an opportunity to declutter and perhaps scale down your belongings. Also, since you have enough time for the task, you can shift your focus to more significant things during the days leading up to your move. 

2. Don’t be afraid to seek help

Moving is no easy feat, especially if it’s your first time. It’s certainly something you shouldn’t handle on your own.

For less hassle and stress, enlist the help of professional Toronto movers to make the relocation process efficient and more manageable. Doing so will allow you to focus on more critical aspects of your move rather than going through the rigorous process of hiring a moving truck and moving or carrying boxes by yourself. 

3. Don’t overlook the moving process

On the actual move date, you need to consider whether paths on the way to your apartment are clear for the movers. If there are many stairs, you need to inform your moving company beforehand as this can be a tedious nightmare when making trips while carrying heavy boxes to and from the moving truck. 

4. Don’t forget to set aside an emergency fund

Since it is your first time moving into an apartment, certain events may happen that are beyond your control. In case you face these unfortunate situations, you should be prepared financially. Remember to make a space in your budget for emergency cash to cover unexpected expenses. 

Try to have fun and enjoy the process

Moving into your first apartment can be nerve-racking. However, try not to let the stress take over the excitement of starting fresh somewhere new. Having your own apartment is a big achievement, so enjoy the process while you can.

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