When is the Right Time to Invest in a Senior Citizen Health Insurance?

As a person advances in life, right from being a young child to an adult transforming to a senior person and eventually to the super senior category, the needs and requirements keep changing with changing times. Often, the senior hood could be categorized with financial dependence on children or immediate kin, vulnerable to illness or diseases, low immunity and ever-floating medical bills which could be one of the worst nightmares. Amid this phase, having access to advanced medical care and equipment is a must. In order to reach there with less stress and burden, one excellent approach would be purchasing a senior citizen health insurance India

What Is A Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy?

As the name suggests, a senior citizen health insurance India is like the one-stop-perfect-solution for senior citizens to have the rest of their lives peaceful and relaxing. Technically, it is applicable to all those who are 60 years and above which is normally not the criteria in general health insurance schemes. A senior citizen health insurance India is all about planning to refrain from falling into physical or financial challenges which could prove to be an uphill battle.

Well, there is no one answer to the question, ‘when is the right time to purchase a senior citizen health insurance India’ since it is very subjective in nature. With the changing age of a person, one can narrow down the specific illness or diseases he is likely prone to with the help of experts. A senior citizen health insurance policy should be purchased right from the day of eligibility. This will help the insured to get past the waiting period as early as possible and reap the benefits of the coverage at its fullest.

For example, person X is extremely delicate and fragile needing constant medical care. Having a wholesome comprehensive medical plan is a must, which covers heart as well as fatal ones like cancer. However, nowadays, it has become even more unpredictable and dynamic. We hear cases of even a teenager or a mere adult dying due to cardiac arrest which is a phenomenon usually for senior citizens.

Hence, even if you seem to be healthy enough and do not need a health insurance plan, you must rethink. One striking fact is that due to air pollution alone this country is already witnessing more than 1.2 million deaths per year. Thereafter, due to a heart attack, one person dies every 33 seconds in this country.

Someone has rightly said, ‘Precaution is better than cure’. Well, with such disappointing numbers, it is vital for people to plan their medical emergencies as soon as possible because you never know when we would be stricken down by an unfortunate incident. 

Why You Should Take A Senior Citizen Health Insurance India?

Availing a senior citizen mediclaim policy in India gives one a cushion of support and relief against unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, below are some of the benefits you cannot fail to ignore.

  • Beat the untidy medical inflation

As the medical expenses are soaring higher and higher, taking an insurance cover would act as a deterrent to let one’s hard-earned money simply erode away. This could possibly be one of the best forms of investing in yourself at such an age. Once you have chosen the right plan, you automatically start saving and successfully pass through the unnecessary medical inflation.

  • Inadequacy

Many of you might wonder the need for having a senior citizen health insurance in India after having general insurance, is it not? Well, with such a dynamic phase and the unpredictable nature of seniorhood, general insurance might not be adequate to cater to the specific needs. Lifestyle diseases can be dealt with appropriately without causing damage to your pocket in future.

  • Better financial planning

Not only does one get tax benefits in the long run but an insurance cover can also benefit in terms of low premium rate and maximum protection. This could lead to overall efficient and effective financial planning for an individual and eventually make them financially independent.

Investing in senior citizen health insurance India is one of the most valuable assets a person could enjoy in his financial journey. However, due to certain myths revolving in the minds of people, neither do they purchase it for themselves nor for their families. It is important to know that other than waiting period for pre-existing conditions, the coverage for daily ailments, hospitalization, day-care procedures, etc is done here.

It is crucial to understand that gone are the days when senior citizen health insurance India was a mere choice. With changing times, needs and society, it has now become a necessity in this 21st century. With a number of plans available in India, make sure you choose the right plan. Hence, make the smart move and refrain from burning a hole in your pocket. Invest in senior citizen health insurance at the right time and get it from the right place. 

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