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Sirmour News: All 10 gates of Jaton barrage open, power supply disrupted for third day in Sirmour

All 10 gates of Jaton barrage open, power supply disrupted for third day in Sirmour

Sirmour News: Due to heavy rains in the catchment area of Giri river, all 10 gates of Jaton barrage have been kept open for the third consecutive day. The water level of the river has risen above the danger mark, causing damage to crops and houses in low-lying areas. The power supply in the district has also been disrupted due to the overflowing of the river and the damage to the transmission lines.

The district administration has issued an alert to the people living near the river and has advised them to move to safer places. The administration has also deployed rescue teams and relief materials in case of any emergency. The district magistrate has appealed to the people to avoid unnecessary travel and stay indoors as much as possible.

The Jaton barrage is a hydroelectric project that generates 60 MW of power. It is located near Nahan, the headquarters of Sirmour district. The barrage regulates the flow of water in the Giri river, which is a tributary of Yamuna river. The barrage has 10 gates that can be opened or closed depending on the water level and the power demand.

The barrage was built in 1998 and has been providing electricity to Sirmour and neighbouring districts. However, due to heavy rains in the monsoon season, the barrage often faces the problem of excess water and silt accumulation. This affects the power generation and supply in the region.

The district administration and the power department are working together to restore the normal functioning of the barrage and the power supply as soon as possible. They have also requested the people to cooperate with them and follow the safety guidelines issued by them.

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