What is Solar Pump and How To Install it?

Installation Process of Solar Pump System

Solar Water Pumps are devices created to pump water exploitation the energy of the sun. For rural locations that aren’t a part of the native electricity grid, star pumps provide clean and straightforward various to fuel-burning generators and windmills. They need no fuel deliveries and really very little maintenance.

Uses for Solar Pumps:

  • Circulation pumps in ponds
  • Providing water for livestock
  • Irrigation pumps
  • Home Pump
  • Fountain pumps

How Does Solar pump Work?

A solar-powered water pumping system consists of an influence supply consisting of 1 or additional PV (photovoltaic) panels. star cells are the building blocks for star panels. every electric cell has 2 or additional especially ready layers of the conductor (generally silicon) that turn out DC (DC) electricity once exposed to daylight.

This current then flows to an effect box that manages the facility generated. employing a program referred to as most thuscket|wall plug|electric outlet|electrical outlet|outlet|electric receptacle} trailing the management box will regulate the speed of the pump motor so it runs at the best potency. It conjointly protects the pump motor from overvoltage or low power things. It also can begin and stop the pump supported input from sensors and at the identical time displaying the systems standing.

Whenever the sun shines this turns the motor and therefore the pump operates. If there’s a demand to run the pump for extended hours eg at nighttime then electric battery system should be enclosed. this may store electricity throughout the day to run the pump later however it will need additional star panels to charge the battery. In early systems, the motor was driven by DC current through brushes (brushes required to get replaced periodically).

Today’s fashionable systems use high potency brushless motors that are driven by AN electricity created by the management box.

How To Install Solar Pump?

The solar pump system basically requires three main components.

  • Solar Panel
  • Solar Pump
  • Solar Controller

The first step in the installation of the star pump system is the erection of the structure. The star panels needed to run the electric motor are mounted on the structure. The structure provides a correct alignment of the star panels with the sun. additionally, the structure ought to possess decent mechanical strength to carry the star panels against sturdy winds and hail. the look of the structure depends on the panel configuration that depends on the HP of the motor.

Ideally 1 HP = 0.746 KW

The second step within the installation of the star pump. this needs initial fixing the pump motor assembly. when the pump motor assembly tape the polythene pipe with thread tape and screw it to the pump. Splice the drop cable to the motor cable. Attach the steel safety cable to pump and roll out with rising main and drop cable.

And the controller is generally mounted on the most column of the structure. The cables are then connected and checked for loose affiliation. The controller is then programmed for the motor configurations before finally beginning it to run the motor.

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