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Top Safety Tips for Using Cooking Gas At Home

Almost every family uses LPG gas for cooking at their home. Cooking gas is a part of every household and is one of the essential needs. LPG is the best source for cooking purposes, but it needs to be used with caution and safety as it is highly flammable.

Even a small leakage can cause big damage to life and property. If you are using LPG gas at your home, you must know how to use it safely. This post explains the best ways to use the cooing gas safely at home.

Use Authentic LPG Equipment

Using the recommended and authentic LPG equipment at home is essential. You should not use the local equipment or any accessories other than the ones recommended by your gas supplier. Using non recommended equipment can lead to non-compatibility with each other and leakage, that can be dangerous. The Brisbane gas suppliers recommend using authentic LPG equipment for the safety of every household.

Switch off after use

A regulator not only supplies gas to the stove but also acts as a safety device. Many people leave the regulator in the ON position even after use that may lead to leakage in case of any hole in the gas tube or stove. Turning the regulator OFF can prevent the leakage of gas even in case of any tearing of gas tube. Also if there is a problem in the LPG equipment, the gas will not leak if you have turned off the regulator.

Install a gas detectorNewsBox7 - Get Updated News of Technology, Finance, Marketing and Travel

Nowadays, many LPG safety devices are available in the markets. One of them is the LPG detection alarm. Look for a good quality gas detection alarm and install it in your kitchen as the leakage happens first in the kitchen. In case of any leakage of gas, the alarm will activate and give a loud signal. With the help of an alarm, you can check the leakage as soon as it occurs to prevent further damage.

LPG Cylinder

Always buy the LPG cylinder from an authorized distributor like the Brisbane gas suppliers. Using the barrel from any other source may not be compatible with your LPG equipment. Moreover, your gas company is not responsible for any damage caused by a cylinder taken from an unauthorized distributor. Your insurance company will not cover any loss in such a case. Therefore, it is best to use the barrel from the authorized distributor of your gas company.

Keep the equipment clean

Many times the food gets spilled on the gas stove or the gas tube. The food particle attracts the rodents and rats that may cut the gas tube leading to leakage. You should clean the gas stove and tube after cooking. However, you should wait for the burners to cool down before cleaning them as they are very hot and may burn your hand. Cleaning the gas equipment after use prevents the rats to bite the gas tube and also reduce the chances of leakage.

Keep the cylinder in a vertical position

It is essential to keep the LPG barrel in a vertical position as it is the safest position. Never keep the cylinder in the horizontal position or roll down on the floor as it may lead to leakage of gas due to movement inside the barrel.

Storing the cylinder

Storing the cylinder safely is also essential for every household. A gas cylinder should not be stored anywhere in the house. It is best to keep the barrel in a ventilated area. One cylinder should be kept in the kitchen for use. However, your kitchen should have proper ventilation, windows and exhaust fan. The extra LPG barrels should be kept in an outdoor area like a patio or verandah. However, if it’s not possible to place it outdoors, keep it in a storeroom with windows and exhaust fan. You can install a high-speed exhaust fan in the room where you want to keep your gas barrel, but never store it in your bedroom or living room.

Don’t panic in case of leakage

An LPG leakage can happen due to any possible reason. However, you don’t need to panic, but take care of some little things to keep your family and property safe. Firstly, you should not use any electrical switch or equipment in case of leakage. Any spark in the electric switch or circuit can cause a fire. Secondly, you should ask all the family members and other people to exit the home. Open all the doors and windows of the house and call a professional safety service.

Final Words

LPG is a dangerous gas, and it should be used with proper caution. It is the necessity of every household, and every family needs to use it safely. Following the above mentioned LPG safety tips can enable any family to use the cooking gas with caution and safety.

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