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Useful Tips to Find the Best Washing Machines

When finding a reliable washing machine, users have to consider different factors, and it inevitably becomes tiring, especially when they don’t have any idea what to look for. There are several washing machines in the market, with various sizes, shapes, features, and capabilities. Without doing brief research, the selection process may require an entire day of canvassing.

Most people end up guessing the right product; as long as it fits their budget. The essential function for them is that it has to be able to wash clothes. However, it is wise to have basic knowledge of what they are about to spend their money.

Loading type

Top-loader washing machines have their opening on top of the machine. Flip the cover open when loading and unloading the clothes to the round vessel. That part is responsible for washing, rinsing, and drying the items inside it. Users who do not want to keep on bending down when doing the laundry will go for this type.

Front-loader washing machines have their opening on the front side. Studies suggest that these types are more likely to use less energy, water, and laundry detergent. Furthermore, they clean the clothes better than the top-loader types.

Function type

Semi-automatic models use two tubs, one for the washer and the other is for the drier. They also have separate timers and settings so users can adjust their speed and time according to the number of clothes. When it’s time for washing, clothes have to be in the washer tub, put enough water and detergent, before setting the timer. As soon as the machine stops, take out the clothes, put them in the dryer tub, and set the timer. The drying capability is only as good as 80% dry. Some clothes, especially with thick fabric, will need to be under the sun for a couple of hours to dry completely. For thinner material, they may only require a few minutes.

Fully-automatic washing machines use a single tub that does all the work–washing, rinsing, and drying. The machine has a preconfigured setting for the amount of water and detergent needed depending on the load capacity. Users will have to specify the load, and it will perform all the functions automatically. There is no transferring of clothes from one tub to the other. Users will only come back when it’s time to take out all the clothes.


Regardless of its function type, all washing machines differ in the amount of space they occupy. Front-loaders will require a spacious front area because the cover and control panel are on its front. However, most front-loading models are stackable. Hence, they are perfect for areas with limited space. In some houses, front-loading dryers are at the bottom of the washing machine to maximize the laundry room’s space.

The top-loading types will require extra space on top. However, this doesn’t mean they need more space. There are models with smaller exterior bodies; they can easily fit in a corner right next to a water source.

Most of the washing machine models nowadays have similar basic features. Their control panels all appear to be the same. They have six to eight different cycles, low to high temperature, and delicate to heavy spin settings. Even if these aren’t the smart models, users can still have the luxury to adjust the settings at their convenience.

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