What is Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Packaging?

Everything around the globe comes in packaging so that it will remain safe and remain easy to handle and carry. All type of products like Television, food, makeup, soaps, and cakes need safe packaging for them. Packaging manufacturing is an important and technical process, and there are a lot of companies who are developing excellent packaging solutions for their clients.

There are different types of packaging, which needs to make clear before you design a package for your product. As not all type of packages can perfectly fit all type of products, so you need to understand first. Which type of packaging fits which type of product and how it can present the product effectively?

Primary Packaging

Primary packaging is the one, which is the immediate layer of packaging which gets directly in contact with the product. In other words, we can say that this is the packaging layer in which the product is placed first. Manufacturing of primary packaging is not much difficult as it can be of the product itself or some other material. There are different functions of primary packaging, which depends upon the nature and class of the product.



The most important function is to keep the product safe and protected from contamination and damage. You need to make sure that there will be no contamination or chemical imbalance occur in the product. So usually, companies make primary packages for their products.

The primary packaging also serves as best to store the product in storage for a long time. Therefore, the primary packaging, in this case, will keep the product completely sealed off from the environment. This will not allow a single item to enter the package and contaminate the product. Therefore, this packaging can serve best for storing the products for a longer time. The primary packaging also makes it easier to handle the products by consumers. Because of the effective primary packaging, you can also efficiently display your products on the shelves.

This primary packaging is the basic coverage that can save the products even if the secondary and tertiary packaging gets removed. Usually, retail sellers remove all other packages and display the products with only primary packaging. This provides an amazing impression of the product on the customer as the customers think about the product as of good quality because of that stunning and safe packaging. No other brand can reach the level of success that you can achieve through these embellishing packages.

Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging assembles primary packaging like the products having primary packages can be collectively packed inside the secondary packaging. These can also include large boxes, which are usually included in wholesale packages. Display or dispenser boxes can also be included in these types of packages. As these can carry a large number of items in them easily. These types of packages make it easier to handle some small products. You can carry all of the small products easily and collectively in one package. This also reduces the risk of misplacing the products, so you do not have to face any damage or harm.

Provide Protection

Secondary packaging is more efficient as it can provide cushioning to the products as well. Like the delicate products can have inserts in this packaging for avoiding any shock or sudden jerk. The inserts can also be of a leather material, which is so soothing and can maintain the texture of the product properly.

Perfectly Relevant Designs

Other than this the secondary packaging also can fit the product perfectly if is designed properly according to the size of the product. Secondary packaging can also have custom designs for making the product look more interesting and stunning. The first impression of the product is so much important for grabbing the customers. You can put an everlasting impression on your consumers by using exceptionally designed packaging solutions.


Secondary packaging can also maintain the image of your brand as it is the first thing that comes in contact with the consumers. Whenever the customer enters the store, they go towards the packages, which are having an excellent and appealing outlook. Therefore, you can use secondary packaging for making your visitors the regular customers of your brand.


The primary packaging also is much efficient as this helps the consumers to get done with their shopping easily. These packages have printing solutions with proper details so that customers can have their favorite and required products easily without any second thought. The printing solution also contains some catchy statements, brand messages, and graphics. This helps your brand to enhance the shelf value of your product in front of all other brands. Custom packaging can attract more customers and make the brand the most demanding one in the market.

Tertiary Packaging

Many of the wholesale dealers use a tertiary type of packages to deliver and transport their goods. This packaging can help you to carry huge and heavy parcels so that you can safely deliver them to faraway places. This type of packaging also performs the same functions of safety, convenience, appealing outlook and information provision just like the primary and secondary packaging. This packaging operates on a larger level of packaging.

These can include the larger cartons of corrugated cardboard or Kraft material. As these are the strongest packages, that one can own for the safest delivery of goods. These packages can also have an exciting printing solution on them to make it easy to identify which type of products a carton contains. This type of packaging is more common in export firms who need to protect their goods for export purposes.

Environmental Concerns

The packaging is important to keep the products safe from damage, so it also needs to be safe for the environment and products as well. So for manufacturing these all types of packages companies usually use environmentally friendly material. Like cardboard, Kraft and paper material is more preferable to design and manufacture these packages. Different customers demand the packages, which are eco-friendly, as they are getting more aware of saving their surroundings.

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