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Which Colour To Pick For Your Granite Countertops

There is no doubt that granite has the ability to give a striking and spectacular look to your kitchen. They increase the functional ability of a kitchen and ensure that you put minimum efforts into maintaining it.

The kitchen is the heart of your home and functionality and comfort are two main attributes you will likely want to incorporate into it. With this in mind, there is no better option than granite as it blends well with traditional as well as contemporary interior décor.

However, if you have any queries about kitchen décor or appliances, you can always get in touch with kitchen shops you can trust as they can guide you through the process. Some of these companies give you appropriate suggestions based on your functionality & budget requirements.

However, described below is a short list of perks relevant to different granite colours for your countertop.

Pure White Granite

Generally, you will come across granite in shades of black, grey, red flecks and blue. Only rare spots or designer hubs offer you pure white granite countertops which suit new appliances and other installations.

The best part about white granite is that they work as an excellent match with contemporary kitchen décor. However, you need to contact the right firm for guidance.

Yet another exceptional feature of pure white granite is that they are versatile. Irrespective of the white shade you choose they give a sparkling and clean look to your kitchen. However, do ask for different options of white so that you can choose the best option for your kitchen.

Black Granite

Black granite countertops give an elegant look to your kitchen. The best and evergreen combination is of black granite countertops with neutral cabinets. Irrespective of your kitchen space you cannot go wrong with this classic combination.

On the other hand, if you have sufficient kitchen space then you can design it with large windows which allow easy flow of sunlight in your kitchen. You can enjoy the glazing effect of the sunlight on the black granite. There are varieties of textures and shades available in black granites like solid black, one with sparkles, one with silver specks, etc.

Some households tend to buy into the misconception that black countertops give a shrinking effect to their kitchen. If you believe the same then you can balance the space by adding a series of white cabinets which gives you sufficient space and colour balance. This combination gives you a contemporary ambience and transforms the kitchen’s focal point to your countertops.

Red Granite

Red granite countertops tend to give a bold and historic look to your kitchen. You wouldn’t be surprised to know that red granites have a rich heritage as they are even found in ancient Egyptian pyramids. It is observed that the Egyptians used red granites in their decoration and buildings.

Although you may not notice them in plain slabs as red granite, they are found in different shades and patterns of red. The most common colours you will notice are bright shades of red, rich burgundy and deeper shades of red.

One of the problems with opting for this shade is that it is tricky to find pure red granite in the market. Hence, they are more readily available in different textures and patterns. The best part of this granite is that it spreads vibrant energy through your kitchen. You can balance this energetic ambiance with subtle white cabinetry.

Blue Granite

Blue granite is quite well known for its beautiful patterns. These patterns are categorised into two terms- veined and homogenous. In veined, minerals form small/big swirls in the stone while in homogenous the minerals are uniformly distributed and for a specific pattern.

Most blue granites tend to have a dominating black, grey, brown or white base. Granite, in general, is termed as old stone, however, they are still the best option for kitchen countertops.

Green Countertops

Since green granite gives out an earthy effect and is available in brown and grey undertones they are more often utilized for traditional kitchen designs. Some of the modern designs have interesting geometric patterns in them which gives an appealing look to your kitchen.

Households that make use of green granites for their kitchen countertops should preferably blend them with wooden cabinets. This combination creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in the kitchen.

If you do not wish to stick to this classic combination you can always search for a new one yourself. You can also ask the designing company to suggest to you certain elegant yet unique options as per your taste.

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