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Why People Are Loving Instagram Landscape Video Feature

Instagram is a very popular photo and video-sharing platform. It is a totally visual social media website that allows one to reach a large and active audience. From photos to videos, Instagram has it all.

Instagram’s video capabilities were introduced in 2013. It was just a matter of time that the video feature got a lot of success among Instagram followers.  This is because it is absolutely worth it.

Instagram’s landscape video feature

Instagram has come a long way ever since its inception. Over the years it has made numerous small as well as big improvements to its features. One such new feature that is being loved by Instagram followers is the landscape video feature. This came as an amazing update and broke Instagram’s longstanding association with vertical videos. Users can now upload landscape videos to IGTV.

IGTV was launched almost a year ago. Initially, it started as a fresh medium only for long vertical videos and did not allow landscape videos. After a lot of demand from the creators and audience, the makers of Instagram finally took a bold step and released a totally brand new thing that at first seemed very hard to start off. Landscape video feature for mobiles did not exist before and hence can be termed as an evolution. The results of this feature are amazing and it has to a large extent increased engagement as well as creativity.

It’s expected that this new feature introduction will surely going to increase the user-base of Instagram. Many surveys conducted by Instagram team ended up with huge positive feedback.

Why people love this amazing feature

IGTV has struggled to make waves ever since its introduction. With the launch of a landscape video feature, the number of viewership has increased largely as people are loving this new feature that they had been waiting for long. The main reasons why it is highly loved are as follows.

Variety in composition

Being able to upload videos in landscape mode has allowed for more variety in composition. Moreover, the subsequent results are eye-catching. The feature is also very helpful for high motion videos such as videos of dancing and sports that involve a lot of people. One other perspective is because of the advertisers who requested this feature for promoting their ads for better viewer experience. That’s what the main outcome of this new feature.

Allows to cross-post content

For users who publish mainly on YouTube, using IGTV was very tough as they had to film their content in a different way. This called for the extra effort that many were not ready to put in. After the release of landscape video feature, users were able to cross-post their content across different platforms which ultimately increased the viewership. Because of this particular feature, many publishers started using Instagram to reach more audience in an easy to use way.

Promotes good and entertaining content

A large number of Instagram followers are there waiting to be entertained. Landscape video feature has allowed content creators to easily post a lot of entertaining videos that help strengthen their bond with the audience. It also allows them to actively interact with their followers. Many Instagram users found this feature very interesting enough to use. Especially many Instagram content creators loved this feature for better fans engagement.

Healthy Growth

For a social network to maintain its user engagement rate, it’s expected to produce new features on a regular basis. So that its market growth will remain productive and stable which in turn can generate good revenue for them. This particular feature release by Instagram mainly proves this point. Comparing to other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram is releasing very few features which is not considered as a good sign of growth. But still whatever Instagram team is doing now is paving way for it’s future growth.

The bottom line

Instagram’s landscape video feature has proved to be a major breakthrough. It is being loved by people all around the world as they had been demanding such a feature for a long time and finally, their call has been answered. The feature is without a doubt as spectacular as everyone had hoped it to be. Many more such similar features to increase the user friendliness of Instagram is in development stage. Do check out these new Instagram features and tell about your views on it in the comments section.

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