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15 of the best Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

Guerilla marketing is a combination of marketing actions that are added to the launch of a marketing campaign. In other words, guerilla marketing acts as a catalyst for improving the performance of your marketing campaign.

Here’s the list of best Guerrilla Marketing Ideas:

  1. Create Chalk Art on Sidewalks

A unique and very engaging method to attract more customers toward your physical shop is to use Chalk Art. Draw a Chalk Art Canvas in front of your store with a big, bold and beautiful message to get that walk by traffic. People are always interested in being a part of something positive and chalking up the sidewalk is a very effective option for that.

This marketing tactic will let people spend the time thinking about who’s behind this, which will give your brand more attention. This will also draw the crowd, which will be super good for business.

  1. Reviews

Those days are gone when companies used to think that the satisfied customers will leave reviews themselves. However that day are gone, Now you need to step right up and request your customers to leave a review.

You can use podium, Podium is an online tool that lets you send the review requests in an automated manner. you can also monitor your reviews, messages from 20+ reviews sites.

  1. Livestream on Facebook

Facebook Live has made the streaming of events as one of the most affordable and effective guerrilla marketing techniques. Facebook live not only let the business owner launch their products or services online but it also helps the business owner to reach a wider audience. After the product launch, you can do a simple Q&A session where consumers can ask you questions they have about your products or services.

On Facebook live you can also do the special “Meet the Team” where you can introduce the whole team to your customers. These live events are a great way to make people engage with your brand.

  1. Prepare Free Themes

If your website is online, then you already know that getting relevant and quality backlinks is a must thing in order to get on the top of search engines. If you can code or have coder, then you are in luck. Develop some free themes or website designs for WordPress, Magento or blogger blog and make sure that this designed theme have a do-follow link pointed toward your website. Most of the people who will use your theme will let your link stay there and this is what will make your website traffic increase. This increased traffic will help you in increased sales as well.

  1. Custom Videos

Videos are the great visual aid that can help you build your brand, but did you know these videos can help you to capture more leads and create user engagement? You can use the Hippo Video tool it’s a complete video marketing tool that will let you easily create videos and then embed them in emails, Social Media and your website. You can also add lead generation forms, Quizzes, and polls to your video.

  1. Leverage Reddit

Reddit marketing is one of the most unorthodox marketing technique. Reddit can be something that can bring you a lot of traffic from its countless subreddits and Reddit is something which has something for everyone. Varying from Dungeons and Dragons to Programming.

There’s a chance that if you have a product or service that you find innovative, You will find a subreddit for it already there. The good thing about Reddit is that the community there is very knowledgeable and they are willing to provide you with all the help they can. But be ready for the criticism if the community doesn’t like your product/service.

  1. Hack Next Conference

Before going into the next conference, find out who are the speakers that are going to speak at your conference, and start sharing their work and speeches to grab their attention. This way, when you will show in the conference, they will immediately remember you.

You can use the social alert tools like Brand 24 or Hootsuite to monitor the conversation about the conference and you can retweet the content to gain the engagement as well.

  1. Find Prospects Who Share Similar Content

This is one of our personal favorite techniques, In this, we identify the content that is already ranking on the first page of search engines for the keywords that you are targeting. Now identify the people who are most engaged with that kind of content and are sharing the article. Now start sharing your content directly with them.

We call this the Twitter leapfrog method and this method drives up incredible results.

This method starts with distinguishing the top-performing articles that are related to your blog. Once you have found the accounts that are sharing similar content before. You can simply send them a direct message to their twitter account. This will not only encourage them to check out your article but will also encourage them to share the content on their accounts as well.

  1. Creating Print Collateral

Do you know creating a calendar, manual or journal to sell from your website can be an additional form of revenue? Lulu uses the print on demand tech, meaning you don’t need to worry about the inventory and you can be in your regular work of creating content on a regular basis. That will help you in increasing your online presence and sales.

  1. Start a Green Moment

If green is a part of your brand, you can turn this to be one of the most powerful things that can dramatically increase your online presence. The days of the flash mob has passed and nowadays we have found success in the large-scale environmental movements.

For a starter, you can start the clean the trash movement from forests or treks. This will not only help you to be a part of something big but will also let you be recognized on a global level. Resulting directly to more sales for your business.

  1. Make LinkedIn Connections

Linkedin is the tool that will provide small business owners with the power to connect with your key prospects in the target demographic that too for free of cost. Once you have identified your target prospects, you can send the connection request to them in a personalized and customized message. It’s very critical that you customize the message. Once you are connected with your prospects you can view their full profile and can connect with them. On the top right corner, you will find the “Contact and Personal Info” Section and from there you can find the email address. Once you have the email with you, You can contact and follow up with them.

  1. Customer Prescreening

Always prescreen your customers before you ask them for a review on some major websites like Yelp, Google or Facebook. You can use the tools like Rising Star Reviews, It lets you ask your customers to rate your business, but the best part is the AI of this tool as it will only ask those customers who give high ratings to business over review platforms. The prescreening takes the fear of asking customers out straightaway. This guerrilla marketing idea can help you with a high star rating, which will also help you with better Local SEO rankings.

  1. Pop-up Stores

Pop-up stores are becoming more and more popular within the current market trends. The reason behind why a brand should open their own pop-up-store is because it can dramatically increase the visibility of your store and can help you stand out of your competitors. Shopify is the tool that can help you with this kind of Pop-up Store.

  1. Sticker Marketing

Who can forget those witty designs that were added onto the walls, tables, and stairs? Have you ever encountered the brands that post their stickers on cars and windows as a token of participation in an event?

Using the stickers for your marketing is the best guerrilla marketing campaign that is cost effective as well.

  1. Tie Your Marketing Campaign to a Bigger Campaign

Your approach should always be to tie your campaign with a bigger campaign, like a social media contest. So that your campaign doesn’t only gain the benefit of exposure that you gain from the guerrilla market but also get the traffic that is engaging with your online contest. With this tactic, you can stop the people in their tracks but then you can also capitalize on that and can make them take the action on your website.

This campaign will not only help you with greater exposure to your product but will also help you to get traffic as well as more sales for your product or services.

Author Bio:

Simar is a Digital Marketing Enthusiast, blogger, author, and speaker. Currently working with Talentelgia Technologies. He is a Digital Marketing Expert with 6 years of experience.

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