4 Ways to Increase Sales with Cold Calling

Cold calling is not an easy task. Calling up a total stranger and pitching your products or services to them is pretty difficult.

However, if done right, cold calling can help you generate a steady source of leads. No wonder why many big and small companies use cold calling to increase their sales even today.

Here are some of the best cold calling tips to make the process much easier and less painful.

Mind the Tone of Your Voice

You need to pay attention to the tone of your voice. You don’t want to sound egotistical or flustered. So, the ideal tone of your voice needs to be warm, curious, and businesslike.

Another great practice is to pose your questions directly to your prospects. For example, “I’ve got a quick question for you. On Christmas Eve, we’re offering a buy one, get one deal on all of our makeup products. I was just wondering if you happened to stop by our store recently.”

Create Excitement

I’m sure you have amazing products or services that can solve the problems of your customers. So you need to create some excitement about your services or products and talk about them a little more dramatically.

The aim is to create excitement in the minds of your prospects. So, make sure to talk energetically and show enthusiasm in your voice. However, don’t go overboard with the drama, this can push your prospects away. Try to have a conversation instead of a monologue.

Mirror the Prospects

It easy to talk and bond with like-minded people. So, you can try to mirror your potential customers. During the call, you can quickly take note of words or phrases that your prospects are using more often.

This gives you an edge and allows you to talk in your prospects’ language and have a conversation. Now is the right time to pitch your products and services to them.

Get the Attention of Prospects in 15 Seconds or Less

You need to remember that you have only 15 seconds to make an impression and get the attention of your prospects. So, make sure to create an amazing opening statement for your first cold call.

For more information on how to increase sales with cold calling, check out the infographic below.

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