5 Outdoor Play Activities to Keep Your Kids Healthy

Studies have revealed that children who are spending too much time watching television may display delayed language development. Other researchers, meanwhile, have established that too much screen time can result in sleep disturbances, behavioral issues, and it may also reduce the ability in children to read other people’s emotions. Screen time is also strongly linked to childhood obesity. Physical inactivity linked with television time often leads to obesity in children. 

Outdoor Play – An Abundance Of Benefits And Educational Opportunities

The advantages of outdoor time are not restricted to boosting a child’s physical health; it also offers a litany of benefits for a child’s emotional and mental health too. Outdoor recreation can offer substantial educational value for children. However, it can be a challenge to come up with activities to keep them outside and entertained. Here are some constructive ideas about what your children can do outside to keep them entertained. 


Painting is a hobby that can be done indoors. Still, by moving your aspiring Picasso’s easel outdoors, your little one can pursue his passion while enjoying all the benefits associated with outdoor time. It is easier to clean up, and he can draw some inspiration from his surroundings. You can also suggest painting rocks that you’ve found outside and create transient outdoor murals with sidewalk chalk. 


Sports is not only one of the most natural methods in ensuring your child spends time in the outdoors, but he can also stay healthy and fit at the same time. Keep in mind your kid’s preferences and personality when choosing a specific activity or sport. Introverts may enjoy solitary sports like golf, running, or bicycling, while extroverts may prefer engaging in sports such as soccer or baseball. You can also visit nature reserves and parks with the kids, explore walking trails, swim, play with squirt toys like a nerf gun, and engage in other outdoor games such as water balloons. It will keep them busy for hours. 


Gardening is an educational and fun activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Youngsters especially love hands-on projects like these that permit them to get down and dirty. Due to the growth of trees and plants providing children with tangible reinforcement, gardening can be a healthy pursuit in teaching children about growing your own food and eating healthy foods from your own garden. It can be highly educational for students too. 

Nightly Activities

Nocturnal adventures of almost any variety will be o interest to children and get them excited about learning new things. For your budding biologist, you can listen to night sounds of owls and frogs, catch fireflies, and for young astronauts, it can be fun to point out and identify the constellations. 

Making A Clubhouse

Building a clubhouse with your kids can help attract even the most indoor-orientated children to come outside. With an adequate amount of effort and creativity, you can build a modest clubhouse without having to use dangerous tools and pricey materials. Once built, the clubhouse can become your child’s retreat for drawing, reading, or watching the birdlife.

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