6 Places to visit in Dubai for Kids

Dubai has become one of the prime destinations for a family vacation. Though it’s not a very old city, but the way it has been developed by the Government both commercially and aesthetically is remarkable. Mostly it is seen that places which are commercially rich, are not so interesting for tourists per year. But Dubai has defied all odds, and made itself what it is today. Especially for kids and their parents too, there are plenty of places which will absolutely refresh your body and minds. Kids now-a-days are overburdened with studies and daily routine chores. They therefore rightfully deserve an outing so as to grasp things better later on their return to schools.

Here are a list of 6 places to visit in Dubai for kids:-

Legoland Dubai:

It is a family theme park in Dubai. It has got plenty of water rides and other activities for children. Although we already have such amusement parks elsewhere, but the weather of Dubai makes it all the more enjoyable to explore these rides especially the water rides. These amusement parks were made to attract more tourists and reports suggest that Dubai attracted roughly 20 million tourists last year. Owned by Merlin Entertainments, this park attracts a huge no of tourists from all over the World. You can very easily spend an entire day at Legoland.

The Ski Dubai:

The Ski Resort is quite famous in Dubai. It has an indoor snow park play area and maintains an average temperature of minus 1 or 2 degree Celsius. It also has artificially made snow mountains to give you the feel of snow skating. A lift carries the visitors to a high top mountain. The equipments such as jackets and skating gadgets are available along with the ticket itself. You can also grab the Ski Dubai tickets online at discount price. It also houses a number of penguins, and people can actually interact with them if they so wish, and book for them.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater:

Staying in proximity with water bodies is both relaxing and refreshing at the same time. If you get to see water animals along with, isn’t it great? Well Dubai’s underwater aquarium is a wonderful and must see place for you then. Especially loved by kids, the aquarium holds 10 million liters of water and multi various sea animals and their ecosystem. Children here can see several sea creatures, which they might not have seen before. This aquarium provides you with a 48 meter walk through a tunnel, at the base of the aquarium. Visitors in large numbers visit this place, and reviews are also quite good. Strongly suggested for families with small kids to visit.

The Dubai Fountains:

Dubai Fountain is a manmade fountain located at the base of Dubai Town, just beside Burj Khalifa. Its presence makes the elegant Burj Khalifa look all the more ecstatic and beautiful. What makes it a good place for children to visit is the illumination done by lights. It is being illuminated by 6600 lights and 50 colour projectors. Children are sure to remember it for their lifetime. Some may even want to visit again. The fountain is animated to be in sync with lights and music. The overall effect it creates is simply dramatic. Once in Dubai, this place has to be visited, or you are really missing something really great and important. It’s absolutely free of cost.

Bollywood Parks Dubai:

This is known as the first theme park in the World based solely on Bollywood. It is an exact replica of Mumbai’s film industry. Once in the Bollywood Park of Dubai, you would get the feel the Mumbai’s film industry with the performances and stage shows – all based on Bollywood songs and movies. The park also has unlimited rides to enjoy along with dining areas. Kids will definitely love it since along with the above mentioned amusement factors play zone is also present for them.

Aquaventure Waterpark

This particular Waterpark is known for its adventurous rides, which is sure to make you and your kids laugh out loud all along your visit here. If you are ready for a thrilling experience of water rides then this is the place for you. Animal lovers can enjoy watching dolphins, sea lions, sharks and stingrays. If you wish to stay here, you can book rooms and suites beforehand. The lost Chambers Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Dubai, where you can view over 65000 marine animals.

The city has so much to offer, hence the rising number of tourists every year. It has also become an important location for destination weddings, with only close family and friends, and a wonderful post marriage holiday location. Its connectivity with the rest of the World is excellent, and inter communication is also good. Hotels and food joints are also available in large numbers, with cuisines from all over the World. As far as safety and medical benefits are concerned, Dubai is quite serious about its tourists and ensures their hassle free stay till their exit.

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