The Long Haul: Ways to keep Safe on Long Aussie Drives

Australia is a land of long hauls, with endless drives through outback plains a signature image of this wide and wonderful land. Although our nation might not be the biggest in the world, it still plays host to the world’s longest national road, with the behemoth Highway 1 stretching an incredible 14,500 km (the entire width of Australia’s coastline!).

If you are about to head out on a great Aussie adventure, no doubt you are pretty pumped for what’s to come: Kakadu, Melbourne, Margaret, Sydney, wherever – we live in a truly stunning land with incredible places to visit in each one of its far flung corners.

However, the land is pretty barren in between these distant reaches, and many a traveller has found themselves in a surreal spot of bother in the great Aussie outback.

Therefore, it is imperative that you follow some vital safety tips before heading out across the Land Down Under, including stocking plenty of food and water, telling people about your movements and even enlisting the Enerdrive Epower charger to ensure your batteries are fully charged in the event of an emergency.

Here are some of those vital tips below:

  • Plan your journey

Australia is not an easy land to traverse, and it’s absolutely vital that you plan your journey ahead of time, ensuring that you covered these important points before taking off:

  • What is our travel route?
  • What food & how much water will we bring?
  • Where will we stop on the way?
  • How should we share the drive?

You don’t want to simply grab some supplies from Woolies and take off on the great Aussie road – you have to have a sound and set idea of which route you are taking and where you will stop along the way.

  • Stay hydrated

Whilst eating light is often recommended as to not overdo the heavy eating on a long drive as it can leave you feeling tired and sluggish. This is especially so on the Aussie road, where temperatures can easily exceed the 40 degree Celsius mark which in itself is enough to create a heck of a lot of lethargy.

Therefore, pack plenty of healthy, nutritious snacks to enjoy the way, and be sure to pack ample amounts of water (especially in the case of an emergency!).

  • Tell people where you’re going & the route you’re taking

Australia is big – did we already mention that? And our roads can be incredibly remote. Therefore, it’s imperative that you tell friends and family the route you’re taking so that they have a general idea of your location given an emergency. We’re not trying to put you off going on one of these incredible drives, it’s just important that people have at least an idea of your whereabouts until you reach your final destination!

  • Take plenty of breaks

The road is long and tiring – trust us! Driving across Australia can be absolutely knackering, so it’s best to stop wherever suitable as you might not get a better opportunity for some time! So, plan your route in accordance with what stops you can reach along the way, ensuring you know where you want to stop and what amenities they have available.

  • Take charging devices

It’s absolutely imperative that you have charged appliances in case of an emergency, so you might want to take the likes of the Enerdrive Epower charger along on the journey, as keeping your essential technology charged is a must for long haul car driving!



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