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All You Need to Know About Renting in Denmark

Moving to a new country is exciting for most people, but finding accommodation can be a stressful task. Be it renting a house or buying a house you have to consider various things to avoid taking unnecessary pressure. Check the following to know what they are!

For buying

  • Location
  • Cost of the property
  • Down payment details
  • House tax details
  • Maintenance cost
  • Safety

For Renting

  • Location
  • Safety
  • Rent Amount

I am sure all you have understood that renting a house is a better choice when compared to buying a house. If you want to rent a house you can choose either an unfurnished house or a furnished house. Besides, the fully furnished house rents will be more when compared to the unfurnished ones. 

You can expect a fridge, oven and stove in the kitchen in the unfurnished houses. Some landlords also provide a dishwasher, freezer and washing machine as well along with the above facilities when you choose to rent an unfurnished house. Another important point, which I should definitely mention here is that tenants should get the floor repair work and wall painting done before leaving the house. 

What to do Before Moving to your New House?

Take the pictures of your new house and keep them with you as they will help you in getting back your deposit back when your tenancy comes to an end. You can also send those pictures to your lawyer or friends as well, for legal purposes. Most of the landlords also visit their house before taking the deposit from you for inspection. 

Even they will take the pictures of the house before handing over it to you. One of the best options available in Denmark for renting purpose is Vibe Udlejning. Believe me their property rents are very less in Denmark. They look great too. If you are looking for a lejlighed Vestsjælland then do check their website online. Tell all your requirements to them and they will suggest the best for you. 

Which documents are required for renting a house?

Most of the landlords generally ask their tenants to show their proof of income. If you are a foreigner you have to also show them a proof which states that you are living there legally. 

When should I pay the deposit amount?

Most of the tenants usually pay the deposit along with the first month rent amount. And, the same is preferred by the tenants as well. 

What does rental contract consist of?

A rental contract generally includes the name of the landlord, address, deposit details, monthly rent, agreement start and end date and renewal terms. If it is a fully furnished house, then the rental agreement also contains the details of the available furniture and electronic devices in the house. 

Should tenants pay the water and gas bills?

Yes, tenants will be responsible for paying water and gas bills. In fact, tenants should pay the internet and electricity bills as well. One important thing that you need to understand here is, these bills will not be included in your rent.

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