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Interior Décor in Relation to Painting Colors

The moment someone mentions the word ‘house’, what is it that comes to mind rather immediately? A lively, magnificent, and admirable personal space with that touch of divinity and intimacy. Did it ever occur to you as raw and forlorn as only red bricks and cement put together? Most certainly No! That’s precisely what colors bring along on the walls of a house – life, vivacity, and enthusiasm. Your house must pronounce you, your zing and passion inside out. As sure as can be, the ways to perk up your idealistic home are endless today. Thanks to creative geniuses and their innovations that you can draw inspiration and insights from them related to simple room paint design. Taking a step further, you can work up the game by enriching these simple room paint designs by combining the best of fabric, décor, and other furnishings. Exuberant and invigorating wall color paints when adorned with new interior décor trends amplify the overall look making it marvelous for the onlooker. 

The greatest brands in the paint industry, sensing the customers growing inclination towards paint designs, have subsequently developed exciting wall colors that are easy to use and pocket-friendly. Asian paints price list is a perfect factor to lure you with their new collection. Having said it all, here are some current interior décor ideas and paint colors that will blend well for you. 

  • Pastel Pink & Textured Furniture – The last couple of years have seen a systematic yet dramatic transformation from dark, bold colors to softer and palliative hues like pinks, peaches, greens, and more. These colors bring elegance and substance to the walls. In such rooms, furniture pieces including drawers, cabinet doors, and other side tables when textured and carved in some patterns bring so much prominence to the walls and space. Nevertheless, it enhances the chic vibe too!
  • Neutral Tones & Vintage Look – Generally it has been observed people globally love vintage for it brings forth the essence of class, timelessness, and richness. Antique showpieces, rustic furnishings when coupled with archaic beams and corners painted in baroque whites and creams, shall make the time stop. This is sure to rule for ages to come and impress one and all.
  • Accent Wallpaper & plain walls – The trend is slowly moving from paints to wallpaper for they are easy to apply, less maintenance, and a lot cooler when it comes to designs to choose from. You can go ahead with accentuating one single wall with some textured or printed wallpaper while leaving all the other walls in solid paints. This will bring character, dimension, and attractiveness to the room. PS – wallpapers have the choicest range from tiles, zigzags, and checkered to floral to spoil you!
  • Metal Grey & Contemporary Art – Nothing ruminates sophistication, edge, and flamboyance like strong greys, blacks, and blues. These shades along with whites and neutral tones come out straight-forward, contemporary, and voguish. Pick some artsy pieces of décor and furniture or maybe even asymmetrical statement glasswork for the walls and it will certainly cast a spell on the mind. 

It is undoubtedly colors that add significance to any surface, be it furniture or walls. These wall colors along with interior designing ideas speak volumes about you and your persona. Choose wisely. It is not imperative to stick to any one option categorically. Believe in your creative genius and let your imagination free. Experiment with these choices based on your personal preferences and interests. You can draw inspiration from your experiences, surroundings, nature around or global trends. What truly matters is for your soul to feel reassured every time you walk-in into your ‘home’.

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