Calculating Online Slot Probabilities

Most people look at the gambling world as either a place of extreme fun, or a place of extreme sin, and in reality both of these things are true to varying extents. Regardless, however, one of the most interesting things about the art of gambling is that it is always intrinsically related to the mathematical concepts of probability and chance. So, whatever your thoughts towards gambling, you cannot deny that it is rooted in maths before anything else. 

This tends to be why so many incredibly successful mathematicians also end up being fairly successful gamblers, as they understand the importance of grappling with gambling odds and probabilities. Once you understand this, for instance, you can take very real steps to try and increase your chances of winning. Take online slots, if you know how to estimate your odds of winning you can then choose the right game to play, and have a better chance of winning. Read on for a few ways to calculate online slot probabilities.  

RTP – Return To Player 

We are pretty certain that you would have at least heard of a term called RTP whilst playing online slots, something that stands for Return To Player. As far as ways to calculate online slot probabilities go this is by far the most popular, and due to gambling regulations in most places developers are actually legally obliged to disclose the Return To Player score of each one of their online slots too. 

RTP is given as a percentage, and this indicates the average amount that a gambler can expect to win back from his overall wager during a slot session. It is, therefore, a pretty great piece of information that can really help you when trying to choose a slot game to play. 96% is the average RTP score in today’s market, so it is usually a good idea to aim for above this. 

Slot volatility or variance 

Another way in which you can calculate online slot probabilities is using something called slot volatility, although this method is slightly less accurate than RTP. Slot volatility basically points to the ease at which slot gamblers can win big or small during a reel spinning session, and also suggests whether or not it is better to bet in large or small amounts on the slot game in question. 

For example, a low volatility slot will make it a lot easier to win small amounts of small bets, and are therefore perfect for low rollers. On the other hand, high volatility slots are made for big jackpot prizes, however the drawback is that these are much easier to win with large bets. 

How accurate are these ways of calculating online slot probabilities 

Whilst RTP and slot volatility are fairly accurate ways of calculating a basic kind of online slot probability, it is also dangerous to be too completely invested in them. As an example, progressive jackpot slots tend to have rubbish RTPs, however the cash prizes on offer are regularly huge.

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