Get 2% Cashback on All Your Online Spending with Smart Credit Card

Standard Chartered smart credit card offers cashback facilities, while enabling users to use a credit card for their daily online and offline spending, it also provides them with benefits that help them save money.

How is cashback earned and what is a Standard Chartered Smart Credit card ?

With every eligible purchase you make through the Standard Chartered Smart credit card, you get some cash back. The smart credit card entails you to earn cash back at 2% or 1% on the eligible spending. 1% cashback can be earned on all offline spends while  2% cashback is earned on online spends. This can be allowed to a maximum limit every month. Still, the savings can go up to Rs 18,000/-. Let us see how?

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2% cashback on online spends:

  • The 2% cashback is eligible on all online spends as are undertaken at the establishments, which  come under the list of authorised institutions. The maximum cashback amount that can be earned is Rs. 1000 per month i.e. Rs. 12000 in a whole year.
  • This maximum earning of Rs. 1000 per month means the aggregate transaction value of Rs. 50000 per month. Any spend over and above this cap will not qualify for any cashback for that month. The Standard Chartered Smart Credit card does not specify any minimum transaction value i.e., there is no minimum spend to make you eligible for the cashback.
  • Maximum cashback per transaction or the maximum cashback per month is restricted to Rs. 1000.  A minimum cashback balance of INR 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) is required to proceed with redemption. Cashback amount less than this value i.e. INR 1,000/- cannot be redeemed. Thereafter, cashback can be redeemed only in multiples of INR 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred only).The earnings under the cashback are capped at the individual card level. This term makes both the primary cardholder and the supplementary cardholder to be eligible to redeem the cashback individually. Therefore, each can earn Rs. 1000 under each of the cards.
  • The value of cashback will be Rs. 1.


  • If there is a primary card and supplementary card or add-on card, the claim can be made on both cards at the same time, provided for each card the minimum cashback accumulated is Rs. 1000. Cashback amount less than this value i.e. INR 1,000/- cannot be redeemed. Thereafter, cashback can be redeemed only in multiples of INR 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred only).
  • The aggregate of the cashback, accumulated on the Smart credit card, will be reflected in the specified Rewards Portal, hosted by the Standard Chartered Bank.
  • The customers have to log in to the online banking and then proceed to 360 Rewards. Alternatively, they may also directly log in to 360 Rewards.
  • In the case of multiple credit cards, the Smart Card option in the drop-down menu has to be selected.
  • After you have redeemed the cashback as above, the same will get credited to your concerned credit card account. The time limit for such credit is the next three working days.
  • If the cashback is redeemed before the date of generation of the statement, the total outstanding will be reduced to that extent and you will be required to pay a lesser amount.
  • There is no charge made by the bank when you redeem the cashback.
  • There may not be any rewards on the spending on the credit cards, except in those seasons, it conducts campaigns or promotional schemes.

It is wise to go to the bank portal and apply for a smart credit card. You can even gift it to your friends on their birthday or any special occasion.

What you should also know is if the payment towards the total outstanding, shown in the credit card statement is not settled in full, the rate of interest (APR – Annualized Percentage Rate) is 45% per annum or 3.75% per month. This means that you have to keep your spending in check and keep it in sync with your paying capacity. Also, there may be a waiver of the annual renewal fee, if the aggregate value of transactions, in the year preceding the renewal time, exceeds INR 120,000 for Smart Credit Card. 

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