CCTV Cameras: Top 5 Reasons You Need Them

CCTV surveillance cameras have become an essential necessity in the current age. Almost every commercial institution has a security system, and people are also adding security systems to their homes. We cannot stress enough, how important these security systems are for your home. Installing an abode security system with CCTV cameras has a lot of advantages for your home and your business. 

CCTV security cameras are also significantly cheaper than they were, a few years ago, and technology has also improved a lot. You can now get night vision cameras for very affordable prices. These days, modern security cameras can also store a lot of footage. Average home safety CCTV cameras store footage of about a week, while high-end security cameras designed for businesses can store from 30 to 90 days of footage. 

A small investment in a CCTV security camera can protect you, your family, and your business. Here is a list of some great reasons that will convince you to install a security system for your home. Check them out!

CCTV cameras can help you prevent theft and home invasions

Home invasions, robberies, and theft are a serious threat in the United States. In fact, according to a report by the US department of justice every year, there are around 1.03 million home invasions in the US. If you were not worried before, you should be after getting aware of these statistics. However, using a CCTV camera is a very effective way to get some peace of mind and ensure your family’s safety.

CCTV cameras are very effective on their own, but they do not solve the problem completely. If a thief or robber does not know that they are being watched, they might not be deterred. For maximum security and safety, CCTV cameras have to be paired with security systems. Pairing the cameras with motion sensor flood lights can deter every thief and robber, and if you add an alarm on top of it, you can be completely sure that your home is safe and secure.

You can get better insurance packages

Among numerous other benefits of installing CCTV cameras, you can also get better and cheaper insurance packages, if you have a CCTV security system installed in your home. If you have a security system, then, the risk of home invasions and thefts are reduced dramatically, so insurance companies do not have to take a huge risk, and they have special packages for homes with security systems and CCTV cameras. This is another amazing advantage of CCTV security cameras. Not only do they keep your home or business safe, but they also save you insurance costs. So, if you do not have a home security system installed, look for a security camera installation service right now.

CCTV cameras can increase productivity in business environments

Another common use of CCTV cameras for business owners is to keep a check on their employees. In fact, CCTV monitoring has become a requirement for a workspace or office now, and almost everyone is using cameras to keep a check on their employees.

According to a workspace monitoring and surveillance report, posted by the American Management Association, around 82 percent of business owners and business managers utilize some form of digital or electronic metering in their workspace. The surveillance cameras keep the employees in check, and they are less likely to waste time when they are being monitored. In this way, CCTV cameras can increase the overall productivity and security of your business. Security cameras can also help a lot in resolving workspace conflicts.

Another common problem that many small businesses like shops and supermarkets have to face is employee theft. Small businesses with less than 100 employees make up around 80 percent of workspace thefts. Apart from these benefits, these days, you need to install security cameras to be in compliance with some HIPPA or SEC regulations. So, install security cameras to deter such internal threats, and improve revenue and productivity.

CCTV cameras can provide helpful evidence

In the case, the presence of a CCTV camera is not enough to deter the crime, or the criminal does not notice that there is an installed security camera, can provide law enforcement authorities with useful evidence to find the criminals. The footage from a CCTV camera can also be used as evidence in a court of law. 

CCTV cameras have been responsible for convicting a very large amount of criminals in recent years, and these days, there are so many security cameras in the environment that where ever you go, you are being recorded, especially in developed countries. So, you should also install CCTV cameras to be a responsible citizen of the society, and help the local law enforcement while deterring crime as a whole in society. In this way, CCTV cameras do not only make an individual building or home secure, but they secure the whole environment. 

Security cameras can stop shoplifting and petty crimes and frauds

Security cameras are an essential feature for businesses. It is impossible to monitor a store by yourself. And businesses are at a significantly higher risk of being affected by criminal activities as compared to homes. 

According to statistics, an average business is four times more likely than a home, to be burglarized. So, you need to install some security cameras to keep the environment safe. Robberies are a major threat to many businesses, but most of the revenue that is lost to unlawful actions is in petty crime, like shoplifting and minor fraud. According to a recent study nationwide, small businesses lose around $25000 to $33000 because of shoplifting every minute. And an average business can lose around 5% of their total revenue to fraud. Conveniently placed security cameras can deter such crimes and save you a lot of revenue. 

Also, in case of frauds, these cameras can help you catch the culprits. Studies and statistics show that security cameras are very beneficial for business. Recently, a business study was done by Bloomberg. In such study, around 400 restaurants were monitored, and the result indicated that the installation of security cameras caused a 22 percent decrease in thefts and crimes, while the profits of the restaurants increased by 7 percent as a total.

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